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RE: The first of Steem and an extremely rare event

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On Steem, we have to continue developing and diversifying the applications on offer but, we also have to make sure that the blockchain itself is able to handle the volume, scale and be stable enough to support mass adoption. Once we have a strong chain, a strong set of applications and an increasingly strong group of supporting communities, the price will take care of itself.

This is the message that we should really be presenting to the world. It's not about the price of STEEM but the capabilities that it has. Build a solid base and community and then bring the people in. If all of that is in place the price will follow. With that said 67c of a vote isn't too shabby. But it would be a lot nicer at $10 STEEM.


The solid base is forming, the tech is advancing, the message will get out soon enough. :)

It is spreading a bit more at least. With a few more good apps and a push from the community we could really see some progress. And thats all I want really. Just to see things progressing even if it's slowly.

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