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RE: NO! Steemit Inc is not Steem and Ned is not our Messiah

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Just because you love the community doesn't mean you have to blindly push the party line. It's that kind of pc thinking that most of us here are trying to get away from. Agreeing with everything just because it's not acceptable to think differently anymore. It's OK to disagree, to shout and to be angry with what's happening. We're individuals with different ideas and opinions.

The important part is not to give out for the sake of it. To abuse people just because you can. If a person doesn't like what is happening it is on them to offer a different way or a different solution tho the issue. Show us an alternative to the problem rather than just giving out about it. That won't change anything.

Some people are making great efforts to help out and to add value to the project here but i do worry about the lack of cohesion. De-centralisation is great to distribute power and direction but i do feel we need a more coherent plan going forward. If there was more communication between groups and developers to work towards a common interest. A froum of sorts to discuss ideas that could help and to allow people without the tech skills to get involved in ideas that they have an interest in. Whether it is games, marketing, curating, development. A swop meet of skills and ideas really to help get more people involved. Sometimes it can be hard to get off the sidelines and get into the game. It would be nice to see groups looking for people and finding projects to jump into.


I've disagreed with you before but I think you're right on target here. Well put.

No problem. I've never had a bother with people disagreeing with me as long as they can tell my why they think i'm wrong. We all have different views on life.

Well said my dear @niallon11

Well said ....

Yours, Piotr

Thanks Piotr.

Saw your message earlier and i'm alive and well. However working in retail my time is not my own as much as i would like for the next few weeks. Xmas is like that for me and i have to prioritize my full time job for a few days and take my attention off what i do on here.

I'm simply glad that you're fine and sound @niallon11 (is this right expression)?

I was a bit worried that perhaps you decided to quit steemit (as many people seem to do recently).

Enjoy your Xmas buddy :)

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