Steem Cafe (part-3)

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Good evening everyone !

In this part I will tell you how we come up with "Natural" design idea ...

We will try to make our place look as natural as possible. So we will use natural wood for furniture and will add hemp ropes to make it look more natural and unique. I choose to use pine for a furniture, it is not very expensive and easy to work with.


On next photos you can see how I managed to put electrical wire inside the rope.


It takes some time....


But we decided to do it by ourselves.
Instead of ordering it from China...




Soon you will see what our idea was about ;-)

If you missed previous parts - here they are:

If you feel my posts are undervalued or you want to donate or tip me or our project - I would appreciate it very much.

my footer.jpg
Thank You for reading !


Thank You !!!
Any suggestions on the project ???

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