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The DTube Privacy Policy   stopped me in my tracks during the sign up process for the token sale. In relation to sharing user data and personal information it essentially states that user data and personal information will not be shared, except for when it is, circumstances for which are liberal:

"We will not share, sell, or give away any of our users" personal information to third parties, unless one of the following circumstances applies:"

"• Except as it relates to advertisers and our ad partners, we may share information with vendors, consultants, and other service providers who need access to such information to carry out work for us;"

"• We may share information (and will attempt to provide you with prior notice, to the extent legally permissible) in response to a request for information if we believe disclosure is in accordance with, or required by, any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request;"

"• We may share information between and among DTube, and its current and future parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and other companies under common control and ownership;"

That circumstance of "governmental request" being separate from legal process either legislative or regulatory.

The information requested during token sale sign up:

  • Country of residence
  • Contact Email
  • Full Name
  • Postal Address

Additional DTube voting power and DTC are awarded to users who also supply their Fb account and phone number.

I'll be very clear: I wish no harm to DTube's reputation or token sale, nor cast any aspersions on character or intent, I just know that most people don't read EULA's or Privacy/Confidentiality Statements so I'm posting this here for others to see prior to signing up. Once information becomes uncontrolled, by whatever mechanism or party, it's out there for good, for today and tomorrow.

I do not wish to risk being part of the next Cambridge Analytica   or Equifax; I do not know your current or future parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, etc et al, businesses buy and sell each other in addition to assets, and governments change hands, so the ultimate fate of this personal information in indeterminable, therefore, sorry, but cancel.


Wow, that's a (little) shock.
Thanks for your research.
Mixed feelings...

Thanks for claiming your concerns but you kind mixed different things.
Although we still pursue the vision of a decentralized web and no ads, no collection of personal data for ad targeting, we have to abide by the laws of our country of incorporation.

  • The data you stated above are the MINIMUM COMPULSORY data we have to collect by operating a token sale, under the e-commerce laws. This is why we collect it, we need to be able to
    1/generate billing documents (name, address),
    2/to send you a confirmation email to validate your purchase (email) and
    3/calculate taxes and payment restrictions depending on where you live (country of residence).

Please also note we haven't asked any more information than what is purely compulsory.

  • About our privacy policy, as @star.citizen commented below, we cannot get around these 3 points of sharing data.

  • About the signup process, we ONLY ASK FOR AN EMAIL address as a required data, everything else i, again, not used to target our users with ads but just to make sure all our users are real users and not bots trying to abuse the system. We had to be very cautious on that point because a DTube account is not a simple social media account, it will handle DTube Coins tokens that can be used to exchange value.

  • In addition to this, we will open the possibility in the future to create an instant 100% free account on DTube.

We are very far from Cambridge Analytica-like scandals, DTube is and always be 100% transparent and without ads.
We are building the future of social media with a totally renewed business model. You can trust DTube as it has been 2 years we are building our project with full transparency, way more than any other project in the blockchain space

I understood the need to collect the data prior to stating my concerns. My concerns still stand on the basis that it isn't possible to guarantee security of this information once it is disclosed because any of the listed potential parties, present or future, are not able to guarantee the prevention of misuse or accidental disclosure of the information. The Privacy Policy lists many potential parties and circumstances for disclosure of this information.

These concerns are not leveled at D.Tube, they are legitimate concerns based on a long history of working in enterprise IT and experience working with businesses and security of systems and information. Fb didn't run Cambridge Analytica, they merely provided them access to their users personal information and service use data.

Everything will be transparent and open either way, everyone will know everything, people share everything on the Internet, radical transparency will happen

You really can't get around these.

  1. You have to share data with service providers, that work for you. That's totally normal and fine as long as your data is not used by them for their own personal gain.
  2. You also have to share your data when you are required to by law. You can't tell no to the authorities.
  3. You have to be prepared for future changes in your company. You have to be able to use the already collected data in case you are founding a new subsidiary or changing the legal status of your company.

Besides. What data do they even collect? It's not like Facebook, where a lot of private data are stored. Full Name and Postal Address aren't even needed as far as i can see. Maybe not even the Country. So it's really just your your Email Address.

It's not just email address, I listed all required data for token sale sign up, none of them are optional. The required personal details are marked with an asterisk, they are:

  • Country of residence
  • Contact Email
  • Full Name
  • Postal Address

They specified that they will share data with advertisers and affiliates, current or future, and also upon government request, in addition to legal demand be it legislative or regulatory.

It's a matter of user discretion, I chose non participation, and thought I would share my reasons here. To each their own.

We need to collect this data for the sake of the token sale. This sale is regulated by ecommerce laws and hence forces use to collect this set of data. We need it only to establish a billing document and to calculate payment restrictions and VAT depending on where you live.
We do not collect any data for marketing purposes and will never do.

Yeah, but who's checking if the data is actually valid?
All they actually need is probably the E-Mail Address. Everything else is just required by law, but i doubt they are actually planning to send you an actual physical bill via snail mail.

This kept me back from buying. I reserved some euros to do so and will spend them when DTC is available on the markets. A little demand there is necessary anyway.

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