The Price of my Attention: 1 SBD or 1 Steem

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(pic from

Hey Steem peeps, I will now ignore any wallet spam containing less then one SBD or one Steem.

Why is my attention worth so much? Because I'm in command of nearly 200k of Steem Power for the first time in months.

(Thanos pic from

Damn it feels good.

Of course if you want to get in touch with me to conduct business, I'm available at Discord neoxian#3936 (preferred) or neoxian at Steemit chat (not preferred). Note that if you contact me with the sole purpose of spamming me with links to vote on, I consider that rude.

Have a lovely and Steemy day.


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@neoxian This is really awesome But is there a limit of daily attention?

Of course it's limited.

I per day ? Maybe 2 ?

What are you most interested in seeing ? My blog is very eclectic.

All I gotta do now is post something "useful AKA interesting AKA not shit post"

I got this Bossman:)

You are my steemit role model ;)

I wonder if there is a contest for the amount of comment spam one gets. You would be winning.

hi @neoxian
,,,,,you are just wow,,,great job sir for your great work based on bank loan,,,i appreciate your work,,,,lovely post that you sharing ,,,thanks a lot sir,,,,when i become stabilished in steemit that mean whem my reputation become 60 than i will take loan from your bank,,,now i am a poor user of low steem power,,you can help me too,,,thanks you sir

Wow - this is good to know. I will need to send some SBD your way.

Thanks - I will send some More.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 5.24.09 PM.png

Spam is an action that is not good looking, a lot of spam we find in the post, are they new users? if true then there must be a care for them.

Thanks @neoxian, good effort, and you are greatly appreciated here and support will always be present 😊

Read this with in a deep villanous voice xD Well picked pictures!

Wow, looks like you got alot of attention from this, awesome man. The delegation market has certainly been changing recently. Enjoying the Baller Status! I'd love to be able to dish out those many rewards one day!

200k realy huge steemit account Congratz @neoxian!

wow congrats neoxian you are in amazing form.this year particularly belongs to you.

It seems that people think that you are upvote bot.

I'm sure some people think that, but I'm absolutely not an upvote bot.

God Bless you Sir for the support

Nice. I'm still trying to work my way up to 1000. I'll give your service a try later.

Nice capacity 200k great job and effort

200k steem power, man this is huge 😍 if only i can get 10% of it I'll be satisfied all my life 😂😂 lucky you and poor me 😑

would you give me a loan?
if you give, then verify my steem power.
thank you

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@neoxian found a customer for you in my comments... lol 😂😂😂

Min 58 rep..
Even you don't qualify

none of us will 😑 we have to work hard...

Keep working.

Oh yes,, now i know

Thank you neoxian

You and me both brother

😂😂 hope we grow together

Thats only fair, you're doing well on here and time is money. Weird observation but there really is a lot of strange replies on here kissing your ass. Steemit is a strange place at times 😄

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun reading all the goofy replies.

I get the odd few on my own posts, but nothing compared to what you're getting. I guess its just new accounts looking for a bit of attention or an upvote etc. At least you don't have anything personal on here. Did you ever see the comments on Sean King's posts? The poor guy. People drawing creepy drawings of him and his family, making strange personal comments. Its all a bit odd. Maybe I'm just using it wrong. I tend to just use it as a platform to share some of my photography work, am I the strange one 😄

I've given almost no personal details on here and I'm very glad for that.

Haha I can fully understand that. Especially given some of the replies you get on here. If there's no personal association then you can take it as pure entertainment. It sounds like you're doing it the right way 😉

You not going to ignore me Boss. I would say keep helping Dude, yea at discord you are pretty open :)

Yes, great job @neoxian

congratulations to @neoxian sir. you are alway our superstar. we are follow you because you are the pricipal of steemit & we are your students. thanks for share your secret.

Hey Steem peeps, I will now ignore any wallet spam containing less then one SBD or one Steem.

I didn't know about that.. I'm gonna give this a try

Man 200k this figure can't even come in my dreams, wishing you a best of luck for your future, hope your power grows more and more, Btw how can I add neoxian#3936 on my discord, I can only add via links, is there any other feature on discord with the help of which I can simply add neoxian#3936?

You can message me without adding me.

i agree with you sir i want to contact with you and congratulation for steem power 2000

holy moly that's a ninja mouse deal :D

you are the one & only boss in this community. congratz boss @neoxian. i am your big fan.

oh my god! 200k its huge! that's great @neoxian sir. you are the topper in this steem. i just salute you. carry on sir.

O.M.G 200k!! 200k is very huge. . You're really a superstar of steemit platform @neoxian
Its a great achievement. . hope you will make progress in future. .

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

congratulation for your 200k steem power.its really very good achievement for are a topper in the steemit platform.your all post very helpfull.i like your good concept of luck of your bright future...very good..friend..@neoxian

woooowww! you are the highst achiever in this steemit @neoxian sir. you announcement with us, i am very happy to see this. you are always best in this world. best of luck sir.

I am no more in the world! 200k!!! if you want you an give me @neoxian sir, i don't mind!!! sir you are the big achiever. best of the steemit. i salute you from my heart.

boss is always boss. this is possible only for the big boss sir @neoxian. you are the great person. i am following you always because you are my idle sir! thanks for share with us.

oh ny god! how is possible! yes this is possible! only possible for boss @neoxian. you are the champion sir. i am so happy to see that, i am comment you, this is my luck. great sir. keep it up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you sir for shere with write it very well. i really like it. 200k steam power through communication. @neoxian sir is best bank steemit platform, keep it up sir.

Spam is a waste of the receivers’ time, and, a waste of the sender’s optimism.. So please don't spam anywhere steemians...
@neoxian I'm going to your discord link....

I'm in command of nearly 200k of Steem Power for the first time in months

Its a great achievement ....@neoxian

this is good news for investors yeah if someone contact with sole purpose of spamming then you should flag those, i think this is the platform of discussion and here people seek a lot of things. so people just go ahead and create a friendly environment and give respect one another and i think this is the beauty of this community.

Congrats for your 200k of Steem Power \o/ i hope someday be near that
have a nice steemit day to you too

@neoxian sir!!! i am so happy for see that. i know taht this is nothing for you. this is only possible for you. i wish you sir, you achieve more SBD. best of luck sir.

2ook steem It's a lot we'll try to communicate with you, thanks to the best bank of nokia, platform sir

Wow that's great @neoxian sir. 200k! its huge! i can't think also my dream! you are great sit. i hope you will get more & more. best wishes for you sir. & please keep me always in your touch.

would you give me a loan?
if you give, then verify my steem power.
thank you

Build up your rep and steem power first.

I just came in steemit.
is it possible that you will loan me?

No, you have to build up your rep and Steem power first.

I am very happy with your answer.
my reply made me passionate in my career in steemit.
I will pursue my reputation and I will be able to invest with @neoxian bank.
hopefully my dream is achieved.

yes @neoxian.
i will surely come ..
but why do not you create a discord group?
it's sure to be crowded
and we can all unite.
thanks @neoxian

Hmm, you might be on to something there.

is there something?
you mean?
I do not completely understand
because I do not know english.
I hope the @neoxian lord will reply to my comment.
thank you very much @neoxian

I just meant that it might be a good idea.

thank you @neoxian
you appreciate our small input.
success for you @neoxian

200k of steem power!
for me only k is enough
bdw you have earned this with hard work and dedication ,keep doing awesome work
i appreciate and admire your work

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well the Titan has arrived ;)

Shower some powers on us ;)

The bank is now thanos of the steemit universe ;p

This is really good way. I hope you safe from spammer and scammers, your rules is perfect. Peoples should follow them 💕

Time is money, and attention too. We live in era that brands and bussiness seek for attention because there is alot of information and platforms, those who can get the most attention win.
Keep up the good work

@steemit have only one boss.
steemit have only one bank.
steemit have only one champion.
he is the big man, our sir @neoxian

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

your first image reminds me the movie The Lord of the ring what an amazing movie that was. Anyways
congrats for 200k steem power it's immensely great. thanks for announcement great positive attitude appreciated

Hi @neoxian
a friend asks me, how can he get a loan from you and what are the conditions?

Hmmm, that's a good step to make an announcement via post so that everyone know about your attitude which is positive and good. Hope no one dare to scam and spam your discord chat and wallet as well. :)

Thanks for your support! I sent you less than 1 sbd ten minutes ago because I didn't see your post yet :) sorry for that!

This is what we called the consistency and hard work always pays off. 200k steem is really really a supreme power and you gave me inspiration to earn it through my own hard work and investment. People like you, are true inspiration for all the minnows like me. I like your style <3

Stay Blessed @neoxian :)

Exactly it's too rude to contact you with the sole purpose of spamming you,directly flag those on steemit.

I agree with your statement. I want you to get as many steem power as you like.
congratulation and have a nice day

I follow the shares closely. I noticed yesterday. The support you gave me made me very happy. This increased my desire to share here. And today I wanted to make a share. Thank you for your support.

200k of steam strength, this figure can not even come in my dreams, wishing you luck for your future, hope your power grows more and more,
Hope no one dare to scam and spam your chatter and wallet arguments too.
that's good you give us awareness about other steemain, you take a good step.
Your bank is incredible Neoxian

You are not alone, I also hate wallet spam, especially the new and low rep bots with almost nothing SP. I'll connect with you soon :)

Neoxian Bank - best of the best banks ;)

Oh you..I shouldn't upvote this, but I will anyway.

Best of the Best Banks!

Hey congrats,between i will surely contact you on discord.

You mean you weren't just ignoring wallet spam before? Doesn't everyone ignore wallet spam?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Some I was ignoring and some I wasn't. Previous price was 0.10 SBD

Well, fair play, because I'd just ignore it all, haha.

are you saying you are Thanos? ;)

200K is a lot.. sure you don't have an upvote service ;)

No, just an attention service.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

that's good you give us awareness of other steemains, you're taking the good step.
Your bank is awesome Neoxian ;)

I think 1 sbd is fair enough for this.
Otherwise you'd have to respond to a lot of wallet messages

Hahaha. Sure my friend. Feel like the mighty hulk or the Thor, which ever you like.

Yeah it feels very good to have 200k Steem power. Relevant picture.
Ok i'll be there in chat room soon.
Neoxian is the best bank in this platform.
Thanks for update.

your attention is worth more ,
the way you came forward to help other steemians is quite appreciable

okay @neoxian

i will come to your discord

hopefully we can be good friends.

Rising the price of attention wonderful. It could really change the game... The higher the rate the lower will be the chances of spam.... Anyways 200k did i read it wrong??

You read it right.

You must really be feeling like an hulk or something else.... Its great. Its powerful statement....

congratulation for your steem power

Gotta love the comment spam, DM spams and the like! LOL. I'm sure I get much less of it than you do though ;-)

I am very happy for you sir.
I also want loan from you @neoxian. Please let me know the requirements.

Rep of 58, account is 5 months old, may relax requirements if you can offer an Owner key at an account with enough SP to cover the loan.

You are creative when it comes to even announcement. I like how you placed Thanos in post - it's as good as @neoxian have gauntlet of steem with all infinity power! 😋

Thanks @neoxian for letting us know. I will keep in mind before sending SBD now! And congratulations on 200K Sp.

200k is a huge amountof steem power. Congratulations on reaching to that high amount of SP. BTW, How much vote power you gonna use for 1 SBD or Steem? I think 15% will be enough.

wow, 200k Steem power, That's a huge amount buddy!
I am not on discord but I will soon contact you on
Thanks for updating us!

Why is my attention worth so much? Because I'm in command of nearly 200k of Steem Power for the first time in months.

Definitely, your attention is worth more because you don't have time to respond to all those less amount messages.
The way you are helping other steemians is quite appreciable!

wooowww, 200k steem power is an incredible achievement, and you manage it very wisely.

having 20k is my dream for me: Lol .. i will meet you in discord @neoxian

i will meet you at discord @neoxian .. talking business is my dream. hope you succeed and I'm lucky :)
Thanks for this

Dude, I'll delete my whole post if you do something about the market price issue or pass it onto someone who can. This is ridiculous. You ignore a clear problem w/ the platform, and flag me for bringing it up. Your just abusing your power right now.

I've already reported your problem to the witness channel.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Post retracted

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Post Retracted

Ok, blank it and I'll remove the flag.


Flag removed.

it will run smoothly.

I do not have Discord . I transferred directly to your account sir

Get a Discord.

i am try but i can not get ....I'm trying again

I want to get in touch with you to conduct business.
sir,i want deligate 1000 steem power 1month. How much sbd i send you

Yes off-course Its good to know about your attitude for every one Thanks for providing this by a post its a great announcement

waooo.this is so amazing

So it means above 1 SBD/steem will catch your Trenton. That's so nice of you!

Doing great ❤️

you are very pretty and thanks for sharing Nice to read it

We will try to provide links to manage the business, feel very good to have 200k steam power through communication. Thank You Sir

I respect your thoughts. I have not started writing blog yet. Next try to contact you. Congratulations

i am agree with you.......

firstly congratulation for your great achievement. hope very soon you will reach 2.5 K steem power. you are lucky and assiduous man.

Congratulations @neoxian - impressive! I started following you and upvoted. Good stuff!

waooo.this is so amazing

200k steam is really the ultimate strength and you give me inspiration to get it through my hard work and my own investment. People like you, are a true inspiration to all small fish like me. I love your style <3 Stay Blessed @neoxian

as long as i'm in steemit you are the biggest steem 200k i have ever met @neoxian. i like the dream of meeting great people like you @neoxian. this is not a compliment but sincere from my heart
Thanks for this

I notice the same thing yesterday when I bought STEEM. Thanks for this post!

Great achievement..... @neoxian
upvote done.........
thanks for another important post.........

why i can not open the link:
DQmcqj2RkfsWgZ4JDMvihz53UaKGR5aXixnBwo8SY1C8sXq (1).gif

is it because I have not registered yet?

Yes, right. it is very reasonable for a concern. thanks for sharing ..