Steem just got mentioned in Zerohedge!

in steem •  10 months ago

Hey guys,

Did you catch Zerohedge? Steem is mentioned, and right in the title of the article, and talked about in the post as being an important tool to fight censorship, pretty cool!

Steem is the way to beat them at their own game, without using their methods. Simply speak the truth and record it for all time.

And we recently gained a big youtuber @tjkirk, man I'm feeling bullish right now. Could we see 20$ steem this year? I'm hearing even bigger estimates from others.

Power that shit up, circle-jerky WOOO!

Heck, since I have your attention, may as well mention:

It's shows the activity of various blockchains, number of transactions, and Steem is nearly always number 1!


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That's great, finally steam is getting the attention it deserves!

Great to see Steem mentioned on ZeroHedge.

While I see Steemit and the Steem platform growing in popularity over the next year, $20 Steem might be a stretch. We'll see.


You know what's crazy? is more popular than Zero Hedge now, both in the US and worldwide.


Wow, I guess Zerohedge should be happy it got a mention on Steemit.

Saw it today too! This is huge, it will attract so many more visitors to Steemit and make them aware of this amazing blockchain!


Hi bro, Why dosen´t work the volume indicator on the pair STEEM/USD?
Tradingview against Poloniex and Bittrex

Capture all market and beat the all coin, it is the real time expectation just see @neoxian

aahaa that's a good publicity for us. rock on steemit

That’s awesome! Yes I think $20 Steem is possible this year


I suppose so too!

He stated some truth in the article which I totally agree with him.

@nkkb says: Yes it is a win in many ways for Steemit community. Facebook Zuckerberg is feeling left behind and is studying blockcahin apparently to copy Steemit.

Hopefully Zero hedge can join in as @zer0hedge is stealing their work without authorisation.

time to party !!!

Steemit is a great concept.

steem on steem

Steem is more famous now ;) we all are proud of :)

nice to hear that steem is getting media coverage.

good news for all of us :)

This year we see $20.18 :-)
Hmm... could this mention be the reason lots of people post reach new milestone in followers. even I notice my count jump a bit recently.

Great news!!!!!!! Now we can keep hopes about future

Yes, it a good news for us all. When i came accross Tjkirk blog and he narrated his ordeal on youtube i felt for him. But damn the man was real and was pouring his mind out.

@neoxian i like the good job you are doing here it keep us all well informed.

Thanks for this.. We hope to see dtube move higher here too on steemit.

I am me @brightfame

that is awesome to know about :)

wall steem is on fire

Steem will never die. So steem is Steem.


that is the plain truth


Steem is indeed Steem.

steem just breaking the mainstream path to go on beyond

wow this is a good news for every steemian right now thanks for sharing the link :D

Zerohedge got to know about it today and they mentioned steem is really nice to know :)

This is great news. You can tell STEEM is already picking up major traction. Plenty of other YouTuber's will transfer over to STEEM as they are getting demonetized. It will be funny to see the employees over at YT try to combat all the new STEEM advertising through their own platform. Time to take the internet out of the hands of big corporations and into the hands of the people.

Thats Fantastic

Bravo Steem and Steemit !!!

Moon Time Baby

Holy !!!! lets start powering up folksssss

Awesome article, much obliged for sharing.
I continue saying there is a genuine issue we can comprehend and a genuine business case outside of making "Steem" that the "Steem" blockchain can do.

Oh so nice. Too bad isn't on a blockchain so that their truth about steemit could also be recorded for all time. :)

There will be many more after @tjkirk!! Steem is just getting started! Powering up tonight!

I keep saying there is a real problem we can solve and a real business case outside of creating "Steem" that the "Steem" blockchain can do.

Great article, thanks for sharing.


I'll get a Wu in.

@neoxian...very nice article bro... i hope that steem price will be reach above 50usd in this year ... thank you for sharing with us bro...have a nice day...

I also awaiting to see STEEM at $50+ in this year!


$20 Steem this year sounds easy if the market remains even remotely bullish.

Glad people are getting the word out on Steemit! Hopefully this is just the beginning.

Too noob to circle jerk

Lol at the circle jerking. I think it's only a matter of time..

Wow! Amazing news for the steem community!!

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@neoxian u have tradingview? Why dosen´t work the volume indicator on the pair STEEM/USD?

He stated some truth in the article which I totally agree with him.

i will hold my steem more now


Hold that steem!

Sure sound great and it sure will get that point in this year as we all want that to happen ;)

I just upped my estimate to $20 this year as well! It's going to take off in 2018.

very nice, nice experience fella

That "Tyler Durden" over at ZeroHedge is great. Awesome that he mentioned Steem. As he points out, the blockchain makes it hard for authoritarian governments to crack down on dissent: "You can’t hack something whose underlying content is stored in a distributed blockchain. Because the blockchain’s ledger is immutable, what you wrote is preserved in all of its glory (ignominious or otherwise) forever."

Oh hell yeah! Love me some zerohedge been reading the site since my stock daytrading days. Can't believe I missed it, thanks for pointing it out!

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Yes steem is making a very big waves around the world.

thanks, happy today