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Hi there,

How's it going? It's NEO here with another crypto project/idea/airdrop :)

First things first... You would probably ask "Why should I change Brave to Netbox?"
I was using Brave since February 2019 and it is a great browser and product but with Brave you only earn once when your referral use your link to download, then have to install it and use it for 30 days. There is options with tips or as a Creator but if you don't have a huge amount of views than it is quite hard to get anything extra. Also few times my BATs disappeared from content creator dashboard... I am still keeping my Brave "just in case".

Why I changed Brave to Netbox then? Browser its build on Chromium so looks exactly the same as Brave but I can see more opportunities here to make profits while I am using a browser anyway. Browser itself is a "node" so first thing after you will login it will synchronize with blockchain and download it to your computer and you are a part of the network straight away.

What you can get:

  1. As long as browser is on and you are using it you will get daily income even without any NBX coins in your wallet (I received about 0.5-0.7 NBX per day but my laptop is not online 24h)
  2. First airdrop after you register using referral link (I've got mine in 2 days - 20NBX)
  3. When you create Netbox.Wallet it is 1NBX, after week of use a browser is 3NBX and after a month 9NBX
  4. All these NBX you will receive or buy you can stake and have a daily income from staking too (I've got 22 NBX staked and haven't paid a penny for them, got about 0.00263338 worth of NBX per day)
  5. You can setup a "masternode"
  6. Referrals also creates NBX as mentioned above

Company sells NBX through wallet for $0.04575 (03.06.2020) but you can buy them also on 3 exchanges like STEX, p2pb2b and Crex24 for about $0.02 (03.06.2020). As far as I can see coin is quite stable on Stex and I might be able to invest and stake more soon :)
And that's all what I can share with you about me using Netbox for about 3-4 days so far.

Ohh.... The most important "referral links" :D I've got 3 slots here and I can create more after these 3 so if they do run out then let me know in comments and I will give more: (used)

Thank You for your time.
Stay safe.


Few screenshoots:

That is how Netbox looks like while I create this post. As you can see its same as chrome or brave.


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