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What is Steemiz ?
Steemiz is an alternative REACT interface for the STEEM blockchain.
Steemiz uses SteemConnect v2 and SteemJS.
Steemiz uses AskSteem for all the search needs.


Open source
The project is now open source, if you wish to contribute please let us know.
Github : https://github.com/steemiz/steemiz

The project was self funded by myself and I actually ran out of funds to continue (close to 10K USD). We need your support to continue to develop the project.

What's next for Steemiz ?
If we get enough help we hope to add these features :

Mobile optimized version
Mobile app
Finalize all the basic features (transfers, downvotes, etc).
In app games where you can use STEEM
Videos only mode (Youtube mode) for the interface
L"anguage filter mode (Show only posts in the ll"selected language).
Bots for users (Auto vote, Auto resteem, etc).
And anything else that users would want to see.

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