Nobody cares about your opinion anymore dude

TL;DR: @ned just wants the community to vote for the stincy sock-puppet witnesses and to embrace Justin Sun to make great marketing for us because he believes that is the "right" thing to do... smh

Thank you, @Ned!
You managed to stir up the whole community to fight against a common enemy. Many loners have now taken the side of the community. Many sleeping Steemians woke up to defend their freedom. Most of us defend the same idea.

Too bad you stand on the other side of the barricade.

Steem on!

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@ned I always wondered why people want to go hang out on discord to discuss things. I know steemit isn't the most nimble place in the world but if we want people to use the steem blockchain we need to hang out on it as much as possible and chat forumn style in the comments instead of building up the usership of things like discord and telegram.

Completely agree! Also looked like the Discord server required verifying a phone number to speak. Far from the decentralized permissionless vision of blockchain.

yeah, I mean for marketing purposes alone just hang out where you want to draw members. For SEO purposes that will rank the posts of steemians in google, time spent by visitors to a domain matters and so does engagement on the posts themselves. That will help steem posts rank in google not only get more eyeballs on the content but will lure content creators who want to rank in the search engines. Steemit has a PR 8 domain value and that is really powerful.

Why are you still here exactly?

That's the main Question Bro. He has turned everything upside down but we are going to survive it

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Because he signed up to be paid millions of dollars to sell out Steem and shill for Justin.

Not really a surprise after years of (poorly) running Steem and Steemit into the ground through incompetence and manipulative exploitation.

no thank you. Nothing interesting there.

ANN   STEEM  Introducing Steem  Looking for Witnesses   Miners.png

Strictly disagree!

The one asking if you´re joking was me btw. - he fucket up, so he has to take it, also the exchanges, especially them and yes, also you! Asking us to vote for justins Witnesses... fuck off dude.

@ned Come To @msp-waves discord channel.

You should have informed Justin about the stake you sold him.

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