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今天HIVE硬分叉跟STEEM分道扬镳。在HIVE发了处女文题为:Fuck You HIVE

HIVE发帖可以去。可以用Posting Key登录发帖,这样比较安全。个人体验发帖浏览速度很快,就是不能贴图。我是在Steemit编辑器里上传图,然后把链接拷贝到HIVE里。

Fossil Poop to HIVE

STEEM was dead because the founders and early miners were greedy and created tons of problems for STEEM. The biggest issues was Steem Inc had so many coins. The second biggest issue was Freedom/Pumpkin could decide who could be the top witnesses.

Today, HIVE was born. HIVE had no interests to solve the problems of STEEM, it just wants to solve Justin Sun and its supporters (some are actually not supporters, and was added to blacklist by HIVE). Now Freedom/Pumpkin is the king of HIVE. HIVE is much more centralized than STEEM.

I have a few questions for HIVE and its supports:
. Is it legal for you to copy data from STEEM?
. If you want to be decentralized, why don't you remove stake of Freedom/Pumpkin?
. If you want to be fair, why don't you start from block 0 and create a whole new chain?

The answer is: you don't want to be fair and don't want to decentralize, you just want to be the central of the chain and suck blood from other investors.


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