@steem.ninja - A VERY short post on how easy it is to get a Steem Account

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I need to pad this post out somewhat because it is so quick to open a Steem account using steem.ninja that I might get flagged for shit-posting!

No seriously. It's that quick.

I opened an account for a friend yesterday who is also into trains, sad but true, by visiting the steem.ninja website

You click on 'Get Started'. You see a warning screen telling you to protect and never lose your keys....


You type in your desired user name....


You get a screen with all your keys shown to copy, print and save and never lose!....


You get another reminder and chance to save your passwords....


You type in your card details....


....and that's it!! You pay just $2.50 and you can buy your friends accounts for Christmas or Birthdays, or simply because you're a generous soul who wants to share this amazing opportunity to join Steem!!


The cat belongs to a friend, the picture was taken by me, I don't know what the cat is called as its a complicated Thai name!

Hang On!! There's more.

Not only can you open new accounts which all come with a free 15SP delegation for 3 months, you can also pay for a separate delegation directly with your debit/credit card on any account.


There is also a referral scheme and customisable widgets to refer your own website customers to steem.ninja to open accounts and you are able to set your own price! This is my referral link but I haven't increased the price over the standard $2.50.

Finally, a serious point. Gratitude.

I think this whole @steem.ninja thing was created and put together by @oracle-d . I see their names pop-up quite regularly but I'm not altogether sure what they do. I guess they are some of the super devs and coders we are so lucky to have on the chain. Let's not forget, that these devs and coders are people who are the reason that the rest of us have real rewards in our wallets. Some random unknown people who once started with a blank screen, began writing code and continue to do so, and because of them, we have real, useable currency to spend.

So a huge and sincere thank-you to all the devs and coders on Steem. We owe you.

Go get your friends and mates signed up, it takes less time to open an account than it did to scan through this post!!
Take care. Be safe and be happy. Be STEEM!


What I don’t understand, is how they give you the keys before you pay for the account? Every other service, you need to pay first. It’s really a trust-based system?

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Because the account isnt activated and confirmed until payment is made. Great question and I had to try it last night lol

@nathen007, it’s truly great to be able to read this! Thank you! We have a couple more improvements for Steem ninja, but it’s almost fully completed! Improvements include, gift vouchers for Steem accounts, so u can give them to your friends / family for birthdays, celebrations etc. Also we are building the ability to apply for mass onboarding, so that if u are at an event, u can on board a lot of people there, easily, with the scan of a qr code and for free!!

Excellent mate and thanks for dropping by and letting me know who you are!! It was perfect for people like me and the mass population who aren't tech geeks...It's simple. It worked.
Watch out for lots of railway and railway modelling accounts coming soon. I kid you not! I am trying to persuade railway modellers to join up as its a very expensive hobby and if they could make the price of a wagon or something every year.....Don't be laughing fella lol lol Tech geek, train geek, both sides of the same coin but admittedly, one is a little cooler than the other ;-)
Have a great weekend :-)

Absolutely! Railways are s massive community we should look to get on Steem! Check out @blewlitt’s post. He is influential in the comic industry. Maybe we can support railways in a similar way?

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