Perfect Example of Why Steem is FUCKED

in #steem6 months ago

Because scum like this are screwing the reward pool by posting copy/paste spam posts and screwing hundreds of $$$ for doing NOTHING. Using their influence and power to bully and tell people what to do.

Strange how the only people who still give a fuck are the people who have mainly left, the bad people who set up their own blockchain and still after all the shit they had to put up with are STILL trying to look out for Steem.

As for the rest of this community. Either do something about arseholes like this or you are either cowards, or don't give a fuck. Either way, you lose.



I can't fit them all on the same screen. I have a hunch, that the next one may start like this....


Can't be sure though...


It's still a shame though isn't it? LOL....I now feel the need to be included in this list. I feel left out!!

@nathen007 you yourself a big scammer of steemit get lost now

Lol...whatever. Go back to licking arses under your rock

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