The gloves are off… EOS and Steem are in competition and it’s great news for us

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Okay, so there’s been a lot happening over the last week or so and I having been across the comings and goings on Steemit in that period. Looks like I’ve missed some “handbags” (as we like to call it) between @ned (CEO of Steemit, co-founder of Steem) and @dan (co-founder of Steem, brains behind DPOS, Bitshares and CTO of EOS).

Uneasy truce

I don’t want to get into the “he said, she said” of the Dan/ Ned falling out but I think it’s fair to say it’s been brewing ever since Dan stepped down from his position from Steemit.

Now it seems that Dan will develop his own version of Steem and ‘right some of the wrongs’ of the platform as he sees it.

I love it.


Competition in the blockchain social media space is severely lacking. About 18 months ago, I hypothesised that Steem would open the pandora’s box and we would see a host of alternatives to Steemit, that reward contributors to the platform in cryptocurrency.

Two years after the unveiling of Steem and there aren’t any real viable alternatives. It's been a Steemopoly.

This shows just have cutting-edge and specialised this technology is. Pretty much anyone can have an idea, create a token and raise some cash. However very few people can deliver a product that people use and scales.

EOS takeover?

We all know that Dan is one of those people. So any competitor platform he creates on EOS will need to be taken seriously. EOS have very deep pockets and Dan has the technical know-how to deliver.

So does this mean everyone should abandon Steem for Dan’s alternative?

I think not.

Dan while clearly one of the elite engineers when it comes to building blockchain technology does also come out with some left field ideas that miss the mark. I also I think the issue of concentration of wealth, power and influence is not one that can be engineered away. There is a danger of over-engineer a solution to what amounts to human nature. Ned on the other hand is more hands off (usually). SMTs is his big idea, it will be interesting to see how that redefines Steem.

Steem maximalist

Also Steem has a two year headstart in terms of network effect. Even I, as objective as I try to be able my crypto investments have a soft spot for Steem. I know how the Bitcoin maximalist feel about Bitcoin as I have a similar feeling about Steem when it comes to the blockchain based social media space.

However I believe that competition brings out the best in people. I’m sure Ned will have the bit between his teeth to ensure that SMTs are a success. I’m equally sure Dan will try to pull out the stops to show-off EOS as the ‘platform of platforms’ using a 'Steemit alternative' as a shop window..

All I can say is… let the games begin!!

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It's a valid point there will be much more competition to Steem in the future, and if Steem doesn't change for the better to somehow give more credit to valid high-quality content, it won't survive a competitive attack. What do you think would be the most effective change to make to get Steem to a better place, in terms of having higher quality content? The severe amount of gaming, occuring, has an adverse effect on content and new PASSIVE (people who want to consume good content, not attempt to make money) users wanting to participate.

For example, we've noticed outsiders have VERY little incentive to sign up for Steem, unless they want to make a comment. But to make a comment, one has to do the cumbersome sign-up process, which is always a hurdle and prevents us from engaging in PLENTY of websites.

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

You should compare EOS and steem, not EOS and steemit.

Right! I was looking for something like that! EOS is the underlying network and there would still have to be a social media platform to come later. It is the network effect and steemit does have an advantage there. But I say diversify! Nothing wrong adding 1 or 2 other channels! :-)


the signup process is a complete joke. Don't worry, I'm abt to launch a Steem project called @SteemSmarter which will help out with the retention rate for new users.

Really like to see what you produce. Hope the casual reader can make comments and possibly become a more serious 100% sign-up at a later time. We always favor content sites where we can make Anonymous comments without a cumbersome sign-up process. But we also dig the ranking-system of making comments come in higher as people value them. This has been sorely missing in many many content sites, thus one has to "mine" laboriously for good content in the comments section. We say this bc we LOVE comment sections, and mostly find them to be more useful than articles. But on Steem, it's filled with lackeys and sychophants, and thus even with the ranking system it sorta fails.

Also, we shamelessly use self-voting, simply to get higher in comments sometimes, or get noticed, but kinda hate ourselves for doing it, and wouldn't mind it going away.

thanks for the feedback @olinmcgill and @harpooninvestor. We'll be rolling out @SteemSmarter very soon. A few days for a soft launch then an official announcement in Introduceme. I hope ppl find it helpful and if they don't, at least give us some feedback. We have a lot of plans for out we can generate various reports to help ppl make more sense of Steem. The difference b/t us and the current reports is that we're going to make the easy to understand and beautiful to read. Our creative director @crypthoe will make sure of this.

looking fwd to it, certainly send us a message w a heads up on its release, if possible. already following you from before, but that doesn't mean we'll catch it in our growing feed.

will do. Gonna make a big announcement early next week.

I volunteer to be a beta tester for @SteemSmarter. My observation as a regulatory mechanic is that the initial investment required to master Steemit's complexity doesn't produce a corresponding initial reward. Your idea below about using communities of interest to help new users find content equivalents for their old platforms is a way to increase initial rewards until familiarity opens the doors to other types of payoffs.

thank you @olinmcgill. Next week we will launch!

@harpooninvestor I share this thought with a friend. Although i started last month but registered in December i have been a cryto enthusiast and investor and i have observed steemit's growth from afar. The question is can steemit really survive a competitive attack from a platform whose style is blunt on having top-notch contents? I sometimes get discouraged when i see people post mere useless banners saying thrash on this platform and cart home 100SBD plus and yet great contents managing to churn out 2SBD.

The way it is built it seems that steemit isnt a place you can go to if you just want to consume good content and have no drive to make some dollars. You'll look strange and out of place and by the way wait for almost a week to sign up.

This reminds me of fiverr. Many clones came up immediately fiverr proved a success as one of the leading microjob site in the world. Gigbux, Gigbucks, Zerk, etc also came up but faded out in few months. Why? Fiverr worked on the lapses they see that other thought they could capitalize on.

I wish steemit can be as proactive as possible.

I rest my case for now. Great post @nanzo-scoop

We've heard about fiverr, but is it a crypto site? Might actually prove our point that de-centralized algo-run entities like crypto-ICOs and crypto-companies might have a disadvantage bc they are hard to change (see bitcoin, Lightning Network, Segwit, etc...).
If Fiverr is traditionally run, it's able to adapt more quickly to competitive threats. Dan Larimer himself may have left bc he realized how hard it was going to be to get change done once he saw how his latest experiment (steemit) had flaws he wanted to correct. why else start a whole new platform?

We put our ALL into posts, specifically our content, and would be THRILLED with 2 SBD. So we're not even getting that far. Yet no less than YESTERDAY we saw a steemer named something-geek (can't remember full name, just that geek was in his profile name) who posted a picture of himself on the toilet which made zero sense, but bc he's an old-timer (so mid 2016) on the platform he had a bunch of sychophants upvote him, and he made like $40 USD in about 30 minutes. Think that would fly on regular social media? He'd be crucified and unfollowed by literally everyone on the platform. So we stand by our "danger Will Robinson" stance, Steemit will need to improve a few things to survive a competitive attack by a newer platform who solves some of Steem's problems. Just look at what SNAPchat is doing to Facebook with young users. Zberg grabbed so much money from advertisers, sometimes spamming his own users to gain DAUs, he actually forgot to keep users' best interests in mind and is now losing them.

We're not saying Steemit can't do it, we're simply saying a replacement comes along more often than you think. AltaVista beat the others at search, then came Yahoo, then came Google, and now Twitter and SIRI and Snap and maybe even DuckDuckGo are offering tough competition lately. (check out the difference in the number of ads atop the google search results vs DuckDuckGo-- it's absurd! Google is torching their good brand name right as alternatives are popping up).

Wherever money can be made, there will be an element of gaming the system for personal gain. I think this is somewhat unavoidable.

There are things that can be improved . As you mention the signup. I'd also like to see the 'Communities' feature implemented as a means to enable people to easily navigate to content they like, rather than the current scatter-gun approach to delivering content to users.

Also more focus on other features of Steem beyond the 'making money' element. For example, censorship resistance and it's qualities as a medium of exchange (no fees, three second confirmation).

We understand a little bit of gaming, we followed Google since inception. But keep in mind google engineers were ALWAYS re-writing the algos to eliminate the gaming, thus having better pure search results. Crypto due to it's dispersed leadership has problems doing that. Currencies can be changed very little, but ICOs based on actual businesses (like social networking) require constant adjusting, and thus crypto companies actually have a disadvantage vs companies led by visionary single leaders/ceo/founders.

We'd settle for just some better search, the search is awful on Steemit. We have trouble even finding sports, or worse trying to just find ONE sport only. We don't like English Premiere League, for instance, but you can't get sports in a Steemit feed without it.

Good point about the incentive. It's true that it can be optimized a bit to make it a bit more clear what will be the benefits of being a member. With some better marketing. The sign up process of getting an account and be approved clearly needs to be faster in the future. But sign in to other websites I haven't found to be an issue since you can save your details. And it doesn't take that long to even input your information.

Right now on Steemit clearly to be rewarded it's best to focus on the comment section and produce high-quality content there. Isn't that 75% of the value of a blog post page anyway. Most want to hear other peoples opinions. The comment section is underrated.

Perhaps some recommendation engine on the side would be a good idea. Of articles created in the last 7 days. Like YouTube does with videos. That would surely increase the engagement. How passive new users will be can be interesting to see. Since they are used to that on the other platforms. Will they keep that behaviour on Steemit or will more switch into an engaged mode and produce value?

Isn't the biggest value on this site still that you can build more trustful connections with other people by using trust and reputation as a system? Since that can truly create lifetime connections! To create a competitor site to Steemit you would need more geeks right? Since there is lots of technical things that needs to be done right. Think that is why the market in competition has been so slow to react. It's just too complicated still!

I love your idea of a recommendation engine for Steemit. I hope that is apopted!

Does Robot Have Self-consciousness

This is SO SO SO true - "noticed outsiders have VERY little incentive to sign up for Steem, unless they want to make a comment. But to make a comment, one has to do the cumbersome sign-up process, which is always a hurdle and prevents us from engaging in PLENTY of websites."

You really made good point here and i concur with you. Steemit needs to wake up to a few happenings here. Some people are gstting discouraged somehow especially good content writers that has no whale friends that could help them earn. On part of steem activities on cryptocurrency market via value, i think Ned has to put work into practice towards the functionality of smt's cos time is speedily coming when it going to hit real good competition. @nanzo-scoop you are not sentimental at all and i love it when people bring up opinions very blunt and as plain as it should be. Thanks for this hint

I think technologies and projects that developed decentralized identity solutions will help this scenario. Identity is portable and in a decentralized model it can be validated and asserted easier than what we do today perhaps.

I agree with your point...

I too red the post all through, Yes....@harpooninvestor your comment is true, definitely steemit will have challenges in future like you just said. Because some people are somewhere else thinking of how to takeover the steemit. But the truth is, the CEO of steemit #Ned and #Dan should always make improvement to the platform. In terms of good quality and excellent content. and also we steemian should give our best support, so that we all have better achievement in future. They should please do something about issue of signing up process, because I have many friends that want to join the steemi but some of them are having confirmation issue. Sir, please find find solutions to this problem. Thanks


I hope it is healthy competition. Steem is great, but unfortunately there are less generous people like you, and most are out for themselves. At the same time most of us know the game and just need to get better at playing it. The human condition will not allow profit without greed so we gotta navigate. Like the great Mills Lane used to say, "Let's get it on!"


I can get behind this. Tyson is the all-time.

@ned would you care to follow me so I have a higher sp-weight from followers? you are doing a great job btw ;)

@ned glad you like it. Please dont bite his ear though. lol

ha I have to agree with you on this @ned .. Tyson is the bee's knees..straight savage lol. This was the most entertaining comment section I could've come across. I want to Thank you personally for what this platform has done for me and my life. I can't really explain my gratitude about this.

Hi @ned, can you give some indication please around which date the SMTs will be released? I heard that Appics removed all references to it? Thanks!

The Steem SMT reference still seems to be be present in the whitepaper (and other doc) they're linking to from their website.

:-) You are a winner

@ned , must commend your sence of humor. we stand for steem but seems currently it favors the established whales and big guys with all the steem power. most of us who take time to create good contents are getting fed up as such, reduced and if you dont pay for bot, your work is lost. do something asap. thanks

i'd love to see something like steem except without the 90% (or whatever the heck it was) premine BS that the founders pulled. heck i've toyed with the idea of just taking the steem open source code and just starting up a clone without the premine. you have to wonder how things would have played out without this total centralization of power that we find ourselves in here.

Can you explain that @dhouse? Thanx.

Founders basically premined millions of Steem

Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link

I honestly thought Dan would leave after he first stepped down last year, but I guess he lingered around just to see how Steemit would develop. I'm sure he was taking notes for EOS!

Yep - Steem is a social media site and his using it just as intended. I.e. Taking advantage of his stake (powered up Steem) to get his message across to a wider audience. I'm surprised more cryptocurrency projects are not following suit and using Steem/ Steemit as a shop window to inform potential users what they are up to.

Oh no, competition! It's the end!!! Just kidding, competition is ALWAYS great.

Agreed! You spent too much time away from steemit. But...
you had a great comeback! You're top according to DTube - right after me, hahaha

Welcome back! Good to have you again on the screen :-)

Side-by-side at the top... looks good to me! :) Hope you're well.

Yeah looks good to me, too :-)
I'm ok, slowly recovering from a heavy bronchitis. Hope I'll be back at 100% soon!

wish you quick recovery and ask you to take out more time and keep warm. take lost of fresh lemon tea with some honey. regards my one and only sufer lady

Thank you sweetie! :-) Too kind.
Tomorrow I'll be back in the water surfing - salty water is the best cure of all, hehe

Ahh. That's the one and only suffer. Ok. Wish you all the best ma'am . Glad you back and get us some vlogs 😍

Hey @nanzo-scoop,
I think you have already said it all in this writeup;

However I believe that competition brings out the best in people. I’m sure Ned will have the bit between his teeth to ensure that SMTs are a success. I’m equally sure Dan will try to pull out the stops to show-off EOS as the ‘platform of platforms’ using a 'Steemit alternative' as a shop window..

Even though we all obviously love Steem & Steemit, we need @Ned to stand up to the game and pursue this SMTs & Communities with all his zest. Enough of dilly-dallying and wasting time.

This time I think the winner takes it all. Myspace had a headstart on Facebook but look where they are now- obsurity. Lets not allow history repeat itself.

@Dan is a masterchef when it comes to cooking all these sort of stuffs. And the financial muscles he has on EOS can actually pull all stops.

The best game for me will be that both of them lovingly compete. I definitely don't need all this hatred and all-what-not between them.

Thanks for raising this question bro. Cheers!

Agreed, I don’t mind fun competition but if it’s vengeful, it’s going to hurt both communities.

You just nailed it @nairadaddy, @dan is da gem

In regard to competition, off topic from Steemit platform....You want to dominate, don't compete! Leaders don’t have to compete because they set the pace and make the rules for everyone else to play by.

As a competitor, that is definitely the mindset to have.

As an investor, backing one horse while hedging on other potential winners is my preferred strategy!

Check out what I wrote about EOS. I really should have had someone edit

I have seen some Steemit alternatives although developed on ERC20. A bad idea in my humble opinion. The sites and apps are shaddy and actually having it as an ERC20 token basically means it picks up all the negatives of the Ethereum Blockchain such as fees and long transaction waiting times. In other words not good enough to compete with Steem.
Sola is one of the them. The other is Sphere.

There are plenty of attempts, I believe Akasha is another one. None have gained much traction. As you say, building something like Steemit on Ethereum is a non-starter as things currently stand.

Will be interesting to see how long time it will take before even building platforms like Steemit will be easy with some software. How will you still be able to bring many people to one specific place? I like what you said in a video on YouTube that the real currency in our age is Time and Attention.

Since our attention is so valuable we want to get maximum value back in return. Now Steemit is helping us by rewarding our attention with instant value as in upvotes. Since stuff currently stand with being a bit complicated it holds back some progress. But clearly it must be only a time when these things will truly be sped up. What society that will create is going to be interesting to see.

Will read your article you wrote 2 years ago about Steem opening up pandora's box seemed like a high value post by my fast glimpse of it. Thanks for the value!

Steem is only two years old. You can imagine being a trend setter the burden of trial and error falls on Steem. In the next 5-6 years you can only imagine how far Steemit will get if they maintain the same focus and attention. Things can only improve from here.

I've tried Sola and honestly was very put off by it. It's interface and how to browse is just garbage, nothint at all pertaining to my interests so there's that. The random feed when I tried it was just photography images, youtube video embeds and a ton and I mean a TON of cam whores looking to bank on their boobs (or they're catfish, can't tell).

i know sola @deniskj
havent heard of sphere. how does it work? wats the link

It looks a bit like Facebook but personally my opinion of it is that it couldn't look more shady. It is a pass for me. You can see it here.

Ok dear. Thanks . Will look into it.
Thanks for sharing

You're right this is going to be very interesting. Not just because there will be competition, but think about this. . . While Dan may have some way left ideas that don't really hit the mark, it's not always great to be the first at something, because there can be flaws, and if someone can figure them out, and beat you to market to fix them, and possibly exploit them, then they can become the leader. I know that Google was not the first search engine, but they're they were the first to do it a new way, and look everyone is trying to catch them now. So it's not always good to be first to market. . . . You're right @nanzo-scoop LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Great point. Hence why it's best to keep an eye out for potential competitors and not take the status quo (e.g. the current 'Steemopoly') for granted.

I think this is great news and the Steem team needs more competition. It seems they've become a bit quiet and aren't publishing regular updates. I'll be watching this development very closely.

I would love to har something from the SMY side... If there is one thing i like from @dan is that he publishes these technical ideas regularly.... the SMT side is too quiet...

way too quiet. Make me think they aren't making much progress.

great post there is always competition but think steemit has the edge I just wrote an article on the fundamentals of steemit lead me know your thoughts follow me thanks i have added u

Please can you provide link info about Dan will develop his own version of Steem?

Can you provide documentation that @dan is planning on releasing a social media platform as well as EOS? Thanx. Where did you hear this?

I dont like this at all. I think Steem has NO chance against EOS. Steem should keep improving itself, add functions, fight malicious whales, vote buying, bad bots, create comment plugin,.... not fight a lost war.

I agree. Steem should be the best version of Steem. However having a potential rival around the corner might just be the kick up the butt it needs!

True the rival aspect is a big one for males to get some serious motivation to engage in creating something of high value. Something that many doesn't consider is that being engaged in something really take some interesting external factors to push you forward. If all goes smooth all the time usually that won't really be motivating to do interesting innovation.

Males love to compete especially when it's someone that is around the same level as them. Keeps them highly motivated to level up stuff. In the end we all win by getting better products and services out!

Dan might have left, but I think he still loves Steem and wont be trying to kill it or something....someone else on EOS however :D

But I find this unlikly, there are miriads of different use cases possible. Its much better idea to start something different, than competing with huge network effect Steem has.

Im comfortable. Steem & EOS to da moon!

Haha to the moon I am in on that! 🚀

After been producing content for over 10 years on YouTube I see what an amazing opportunity Steemit is if you get in early! Most people take this service for granted and have no idea how much you had to work to generate value on the other platforms! After you know what grind is then you will work hard at building up your Steemit to be in the top 1% of accounts! 😺

EOS is also super exciting clearly Dan is a genius. I think everything he will touch will turn into pure gold. Will invest in EOS if my Steem make some sick gains, I think! Since it's geeks we are talking about they usually don't want to ruin other guys projects! Geeks are too kind and sweet! Bitcoin, Ether, Steem and EOS oh boy. The upcoming years will be lots of fun!

There are advantages and disadvantages... for example the (10%?) inflation in EOS goes to miners who hold the RAM and other Computer Equipment. In Steem the main part of the 10% inflation goes to authors.
This is something that I think is very important to consider.

The very basis is somehow different, and if you build an app on that you will have to hold more and more EOS while your app grows in transactions. If other application grow even faster, the price to run your application might rise disproportionately.

Inflation of EOS will be 5% maximaly. Its flexible.
Steem will have 1% fixed infl. to forever. ....eventually. Im not sure how much is it right now, 9%?....

Will you? Network capacity will grow with token price. Miners will have to expand accordingly to have enough storage.

If your app grows - you make more money (this is up to you), you can afford more EOS tokens. If it doesnt - you dont need more resources. Quick maths :D

In reality it seems likely that people end up using both platforms, and possibly end up with very similar content, why wouldnt somebody cash in twice instead? That is unless EOS does something radically different from Steem, I don't expect platform loyalty to overcome human greed.

True. I would not abandon Steem just because theres similar platform build on EOS. The network effect and community I have build here is too valuable to lose. users however, they might switch.

I would like them both @ned & @dan , work together as they both have the similar goal of bringing Human Prosperity!

Doesn't look like working together is going to happen... however maybe the same goal can be achieved in competition with each other.

I am happy to see competition in the decentralized media space. I assumed Steem would migrate onto the EOS blockchain, but it seems they will actually become competitors. May the best platform win. Either way content will still be less censored than normal social media, and content producers will still get paid. Maybe we do need a fresh start on a new platform to try and fix the distribution from the beginning instead of after the fact.

Not sure about this but I think SMTs may actually be fuzzy’s idea, at least I heard him talking about making whaleshares into something similar and how he kept pushing the idea on Ned.

Whatever though, I don’t have any bad feelings toward either of them although I have many things I disagree with both of them on. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. A new platform may mean I have a chance to become a big fat whale :-)

Ignoring that SMTs deeply pre date Fuzzys odd idea, if Fuzzy thinks SMTs are like WS BTS UIAs he’s deeply incapable of understanding the meaningful nuances of tokens and that is sad!

I’m truly sorry if I spread any misinformation here, I didn’t realize I was doing so, but you should really practice some more composure as the captain of this ship. Many of us want you to succeed with SMTs, myself included. But with regards to new competitors (including @dan), if given a choice, those of us who can help you succeed will follow the one who truly cares about making everyones lives better, not the one who cares more about being right. I hope that you care more about the good you can do than about a few doubts caused my misunderstandings or even misinformation.

I may just be a minnow right now, but I appreciate both of you regardless of what comes.

I think it’s more that I’m incapable of understanding the nuances of tokens. He didn’t claim to me that he came up with the idea for SMTs, he just told me his idea before SMTs were announced and I thought they really sounded similar when I learned about SMTs. I’m sorry if I’m spreading rumors here. I won’t bring this up again, as I don’t know enough to make such claims.

Glad to know you are reading through comments.

Artist tokens on Muse pre-date SMT's so don't worry....SMT's were not a new idea, they seem to be an attempt to deal with (or hide) some of the negative aspects of the imbalance of economic incentives at play on steem that result primarily from the poor distribution.

I can see where you are coming from but as far as I can see, this is just kind of how capitalism works. Patch up wounds instead of exposing them and recognizing the cause (fundamental assumptions about society and human nature)

It’s difficult for me to debate these topics on steemit or in the crypto scene as my starting point is not ancap or libertarian like most of the established community here.

I truly appreciate this whole experiment (steemit) experiment as this whole transition between capitalism 1.0 and 2.0 (the Wild West of crypto) may assist me in stepping outside of capitalism all together, working my way through it rather than being crushed under it, maybe buying up some land and resources one day and starting my own version of “how things should be”. It’s a plan that doesn’t see, to contradict with the ancaps and libertarians here.

That’s me though.

Tokens in general pre date Muse and BTS UIAs back to the 90s just ask Ian Grigg. Further they date back to counterparty and Omni if including Bitcoin only. Then, I dare you to read the SMT paper and understand the concepts that haven’t been melded before rather than being a good fudster. Sad! To see lack of understanding.

ned, I do not for one second dispute that tokens pre-date muse artists tokens. I have read the SMT whitepaper and understand many of the concepts. I take issue with you labeling me as a fudster. It is positively excruciating to see such a lack of sense and fairness continually exhibited by the CEO of the organisation with the most massive control over the fate of this network. If you disagree with me fine, but the truth of my integrity is in the blockchain. So is the truth of yours.

I've just re-read the SMT's whitepaper and I must admit, I do struggle to see the innovations that are not combinations of what has come before. I'm simply not technically astute enough to see them if they are there. However, I couldn't care less if there is true innovation in the speculation of a whitepaper. What I do care about are the risks given the current state of the economics in Steem and the potential risks due to regulation.

result primarily from the poor distribution

someone please mark this man’s words

Please do.....I put them in the blockchain well aware of their longevity.

Why claim in such a pompous manner here....SMT's deeply pre date Fuzzys odd idea.... Deeply? Then later in your comment to me, start pointing out that tokens (deeply?) pre date muse and BTS UIA's? Make your mind up about the points you are trying to make ned. It looks like you pick up whatever is convenient to attack people and then just change your tune when it suits you.

In both comments: I don't want credit for inventing "Tokens" as a concept in the sense they can become a blank slate for many many things. And I certainly don't want some random person claiming they should get credit for steemit's work by disregarding the first of its kind work steemit has done bringing unique combinations of token nuances and infrastructure together. The dirty down low you can let them know about with SMTs: never before has a blockchain-based token launching system and DEX included native contracts for Proof of Brain tokens, nor out of the box ICO contracts, nor Reward Sharing of tokens through interfaces, nor Automated Market Makers for tokens, nor Bandwidth conference based on Automated Market Makers, nor designated Influence Sharing across Tokens. At a higher level, if we must, no blockchain has ever enabled multiple Proof of Brain tokens to integrate through applications, though that higher level summary doesn't give credence enough to the importance of the deeper layer of token nuances.

If you say there are nuanced innovations to the way you are deploying SMT's, I accept that. I do. I may have the capacity to comprehend them given time and practical experience of them in action but I'm well aware of my limitations so I accept what you are saying at face value. Please Ned, understand that I want steem to succeed. I want EOS to succeed also and many other promising projects and communities. If you feel defensive because I have tried to call you out on behaviour I thought was beneath your standing or because I call attention to issues, I can understand that. I am sorry. I promise you that my only intention is to see steem and steemians flourish. I have made a suggestion for radically improving the economics using the controlled steem and the community. If you are of a mind, please consider it carefully, you'll find it in my blog. It's never too late to build bridges. What we do now may echo throughout eternity.

The headline is misleading. It's like saying Linux and Facebook is in competition. EOS is software to build decentralized apps, Steemit is a decentralized app.

EOS is software to build decentralized apps, Steemit is a decentralized app.

EOS will come with a steemit app, making it in direct competition.

2 years from noe? What is the name of the steemit project on eos?

As soon as it is released it will probably draw a few people from steemit, and seeing that steem has changed little from its inception the next iteration might really take the lead simply by delivering the "decentralization" of power like dan promises.

If Steemit Inc burned half of their Steems, this would be a good decentralization of power... hopefully they do the step soon...

If Mark Zuckerburg left Facebook to help create an Operating System and then declared (as one of his first order of business) he was going to create the next Facebook on his OS; I think it is far to say that the two are in competition.

I believe competition is always nice. It usually has as a final result that only the best products and services are the one step remaining in the market.

We should keep an eye out on that EOS development.

After reading this i think that nobody can beat dan in field of blockchain unless he is satoshi Nakamoto. I don't believe in ned he is delegating steem power to useless purposes(i think you all understand). He is only improving his vocabulary(aggrandizement).

Useless purposes like dtube?

there are many other useless things, why you got dtube first in your mind?

@nanzo-scoop , love the content of your videos. Always talking about great upcoming news or creating some discussion with the steem it community about current crypto trends. And I agree with you, there has to be way more competition on the social media blockhain. Competition is key for growth and innovation! Take care Nanzo.

Have to agree completely. Competition breeds innovation.

"So does this mean everyone should abandon Steem for Dan’s alternative? I think not."

I agree. I use Twitter for different reasons than I use Steemit/Dtube/DLive. If they both go after long form content rewards I will use the best one. If neither is a clear winner than I may use both!

Ok. How exactly will EOS compete against Steem? Does EOS even have a mainnet yet?

EOS plans to have a number of Dapps ready when it launches in June. Dan has been touting Steem as a prototype of what will be possible EOS. It remains to be seen what will be delivered, however given Dan's track record it would be prudent to take him seriously.

I did buy some EOS a couple of months ago because of Larrimer's reputation and the white paper of EOS.

I’m lovin the competition, it brings out greatness. It’s like the UFC, I’m cheering for both camps 🤣😂

Great video! Thanks for the info! Now I know we use Proof Of Stake. lol Are you going to get on EOS?

I've already done a video on EOS. It's a potentially game-changing platform if it delivers. Whether I would use an EOS alternative to Steemit would depend on what is delivered and the direct Steem is heading. Right now, my focus is on seeing Steem succeed in this arena. EOS has plenty of other spaces it can potentially disrupt.

Steemopoly yeah? Really love the word.. The uniqueness of the blockchain is what has kept it at tops.
I don't really see any viable competition..
The SMTS innovation too?? Another perfect icing on the already perfect cake.. They would change the social network experience and also bolster the strength of the blockchain as well..
@dan better up his game if he really wants to give real competition..
And @nanzoscoop great vlog.

Wow... this is eyeopening... as someone that doesn't know either and relatively new, I'm surprised that this rift occurred. Is EOS currently up and running like steemit? If so, have you seen any migration from authors here? Also, where would you suggest would be a good place to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each?

I'm a huge believer that social media will end up on the blockchain versus in the hands of the large oligarchs (zuck and crew)... I wasn't aware though that steem partners had split. So I'd be very interested in both platforms.

Thank you for the information and also if you can help me, that would also be very cool! (I realize you will have 1000 messages so if you can't get me, I understand) ;) thanks you @nanzo-scoop!

EOS is meant to be the equivalent of an operating system for a blockchain so developers don't have to learn the underlying program thereby getting an easier way to develop apps. That is not supposed to go live until later this year. Meanwhile, Dan can also spend some of his considerable capital on developing a social media platform that rides on EOS, perhaps providing a means for accelerated development that will take the social media platform farther and faster than steemit could ever do with its reliance on C++ developers.

thank you so much for the explanation @kirbyhopper! How do you come down on this.. ie who are you rooting for if a battle ensues?

I'm rooting for a better social media platform because this one sucks. I've been telling a few whales who might have some influence with the corporation that steemit inc. needs to get their rear in gear or someone will outdo them like Facebook outdid MySpace which outdid Xanga. And getting in on the ground floor of a new venture is always a bonus in my book. So we'll see. I don't see the commitment here to developing steemit as much as I see them having a commitment to attracting other uses for their blockchain.

I appreciate the candid response, what don't you like about it? ie what sucks in your opinion?

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Really hard to find people with the same interests, for starters, and hard to get content in front of the people who would really want to read it.

yes I understand.... You need to get to meet more people and get more followers... You can come hang out on our tag #newbieresteemday and you will find some games and posts for contests and also some mentoring session if you want. No cost, just follow the feed and if something strikes you then you just get involved... Also you are free to tag your posts with that tag as we have lots of people looking for undiscovered gems.

Thanks for your input! And nice to meet you!!!

Hi! Thanks for your support, @growingpower just upvoted your comment ;) Hope you have a great day

Unless steemit gets proactive we could see a brain drain from top to bottom as they slide over to dan inc. in which case steemit could fizzle out.

“I am convinced that the jealous, the angry, the bitter and the egotistical are the first to race to the top of mountains. A confident person enjoys the journey, the people they meet along the way and sees life not as a competition. They reach the summit last because they know God isn’t at the top waiting for them. He is down below helping his followers to understand that the view is glorious where ever you stand.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Wise words. Thanx.

Sounds interesting. Read the text n watching the video. It will be fun stuff I guess. :)

Everything all start like a joke when dan step down has one of the board member of steemit, things start getting more clearer. A change started and things start falling in the right place. To me either a new steemit version am still very sure they will end up linking it together, as @barrydutton announce allowing wallet users to exchange bitcoin core for bitcoin cash. This is thesame thing that will end up happening after the creation. We might all be amazed to see that what has been happening is just a public stunt.

STEEMIT.COM, so far the economic set-up is quite effective though, the more people would get involve with it because of incentives and ROI. That's the reason why STEEM token is a reasonable investment and also you have control over your stake.

EOS will never be able to compete with Steem. Steem is a specialized blockchain for a social network while EOS wants to be a jack of all trades. Steem will always beat EOS in this case.

I agree that Steem has a 2 year head start and we should not abandon Steem in favour of an as yet, I designed replacement. EOS is not yet live and not due for release until the middle of the year. If all goes well, Dan could then start desining any replacement.
I think it’s a good idea to hold Steem and EOS and not worry too much about the future!

hopefully steemit will win this competition

It's a valid point there will be much more competition to Steem in the future

Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition

The biggest problems Steemit has are the following:

  1. New user retention rate.
  2. Rewarding quality content
  3. Accumulation of power

Number 1 can be affected by the community in some. Im a minnow that gets little attention except for a very kind whale that supported me from the start, (thx @vortac 😁 )but i take it upon myself to try and encourage some minnows to create more, those that create great content no one ever sees.
Whats happening is that people keep coming here, they write 2-3 posts, work hard on them and never learn about the networking aspect of Steemit. Never learn about discord or its various channels. Never learn about bots, competitions. Etc. They see that 0.00 payout and thinknto themselves why bother.

Wow.. You don't mean it.. Eos beating steem??
Let's just watch the saga unfold ..
It should have some potential I guess.. The man behind it, @dan is one smart dude

I agree with you.. Eos is really making waves in the market..


I am not a brilliant blog writer but are on steemit to earn some steem and read some nice blogs and do some competitions especially the one's @papa-pepper host.

I can guarantee you that 95% of all the users on Steemit are here to earn some steem as we market this space "why blog for free join"
Not all of them are writers but we need the community to grow and have to accommodate them for the well being and growth of Steemit.
But in my opinion Steemit is very mush who you know and not what you post but that is life...

EOS is an amazing breakthrough for blockchain technology. Sorting out scale ability and transaction speed is definatley going to be the game changer in the Crypto Arena . With simplifying it for developers to use the EOS platform , developers are going to rush to the EOS platform...
The @ned and @dan saga is not my place to comment but they should sort there differences out and get on with creating life changing platforms.
I love Steemit and think why recreate the wheel ,Steemit belongs on EOS as EOS will be the future, the backing and team behind EOS is revolutionary and i don't believe in the near future they will be easily overtaken as they are the leaders in this space as Steemit is the leading social media platform.
And then the BIG BUT ...!

This seems to be a pretty good development. Let's see what will happen to these guys later :)

Since people are able to create apps on steem ecosystem, I thinking what is the difference between it and EOS.
I understand that EOS is the best alternative for Etherum in creating DAPPS, but steem also a little like that.

I guess EOS will be the largest player in creating Dapps easily without needing to be a Developer.

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It's both interesting and likely good for all of us that conflicts result in new and divergent developments.

However, I have to voice some concern over @dan's philosophizing, beginning a couple of months ago, about "radical transparency:"

Does Freedom Require Radical Transparency or Radical Privacy?

I take issue with the views he expresses in that article and its sequel, simply because in my much longer lifetime, I've never seen a human government that could be trusted with complete knowledge of its citizens.

In my not so humble opinion, we need radical transparency for government, and radical privacy for individuals.

Thanks for your thought-provoking observations.



I agree radical transparency for government of the people by the people and for the people.

Hi, @dan,

I look forward to seeing how your ongoing developments support that on the government side.

Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do.

@dan A PERFECT response. Simple yet profound!

If there is free time, visit my blog @and thank you

Hi @dan, how are you, I hope you are fine
I am here to hana a little attention from you, if you wish, I just need your little help, thanks


good project EOS, ..but the fight whit steem is in the futures. one works allredy one is steel a project

Thanks for this great post 👍 I just followed you