$1 Steem - 238

in steem •  3 months ago

Steem seems to be back up to around $1 recently. I wonder if it will be able to stay around a $ or even rise again.


Sunday 9-2

238.133 SP
2424 VP

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Yeah! 😀
Go Steem!

it's true i forgot that last time I spoke to you about it i was referring to canadian $ but you probs watch it in usd:P
But yes, I am praying each day it does!!!
I remember a couple months back when it was at like 3$....
shouldn't have taken the good old days for granted 😥


You don't use @dustsweeper?


Spent a steembuck on it, got three 1¢ upvotes, then a comment that it was time to renew. Nah, Boo, not again.


Sorry to hear that, because I have had a posiive experience so far.

Steem has suffered badly during the summer, if there is no real further crypt bloodbath, steem should recover more...

I think I am one of the few that don't want to see Steem rise in price yet. I would even welcome more of a drop before the eventual moon. I will have to rethink my strategy if it rebounds too high.


Why is that? You want to be able to buy more at a low price?


I never bought any yet but that is partially the reason. But mainly .. ..my STEEM / SP growth strategy depends on a lower price Steem / SBD.

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Well, according to you, some day it could get to 1000 USD. So I guess that would be up :)


Just a tad. lol