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Haha, with Steem community keeps on growing, we might witness the day Steem finally get pass Bitcoin, but let's not get too hyped up and forgot what the community is for. We share. This is what makes us and Steem different from other cryto and that's sth we should defend!! Hail Steem and cheers everyone:)


we might witness the day Steem finally get pass Bitcoin

First Bitcoin. Next...


Steem is on a path to get glowing but it needs lots of effort from the whole community. The point is - coherent attitude towards common goal - creating the foundations of finally healthy social media and not an pay-to-be-seen ads greedy corps. Luckily, blockchain is a solution for many of these problems, still it's upon us how this project will develop. Another good comics Brian!

I Missed YOU!!! So funny.....and such the risk! Love it !


I Missed YOU TOO!!! Thx for the comment.

Radioactive steems? :D

Just came across your comics. Fudging love 'em. They are great. Just went through your whole history :D
Keep them coming!

I hope you're always this funny, because I'm suddenly inspired to follow you


I consider myself to be very funny... not like, real life funny... but... you know... steemit funny


I'm already not regretting my decision.

Your use of ellipses is perfection.


You'll probably regret it later 😔

haha smart investor :)


By investor do you mean 'compulsive gambler'? 🤔


I think most of the investors are compulsive the end of the day they are betting on their predictions

Haha, this one's cute. But, Bitcoin, I can't be so sure that I won't grow more. So, not touching my bitcoins ;)


I have some weeds in my garden and I'm pretty sure that they will grow like crazy. I'm yanking them out tomorrow!

EDIT: I still own Bitcoin.
EDIT: Till tomorrow?


Haha. All the best :)

This is quality! love it and re-steemed :)

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I also cameich across the thought of stopping steem/btc exchange and just let it grow. looks like steem is becoming a stable thing?

Haha love it! Good choice especially now. After a few more weeks one bitcoin will only get you a little steem while you want to have lots!!!

Ha Ha Ha ... right decision.

Wow 😳 a interesting comic.its is funny😁 Nice 👍 Post🐱!!

Amazing how steem is growing!!

jajajaj, Amazing bro!!

Great! Bitcoin for Steem. When all the big Youtubers come here it would grow even more.

Haha. That's very true. Thanks for sharing @mynameisbrian . I'm upvoting right now!