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Doge can haz steemz?


Such coin
Very currency
Much profits
Many millions




K, send to -----> @rigaronib



DOGE über alles.

Given that dogecoin is literally a joke with no value backing it, my money is on steem for the long game. But who the fuck knows in the short term; people love the pumps--even of the shitcoins.

Remember when steem was top 10? It's been overtaken. Quite possibly doge will go ahead, but steem will have its day


Doge was actually ahead once before when the steem price was in the doldrums


Why did everyone stop using Mangosteem?

Oh yeah, and I get the pun on "purple mangosteen"

Such coins, much steem!

DOGE is about to get a pump, check out my page for an article explaining my reasoning!

Hopefully steem does. It's embarrassing lol


It's embarrassing for DOGE to be behind STEEM.

Either Steem is undervalued or Doge overvalued.

Looking at the trading data, I'd say Steem is undervalued and will see a good rise in the coming months. We are very near all time low and just had a spike in volume which usually is a good signal that trend will change.

yes sir, steem and doge coin actualy ahaed once..

To my knowledge Doge coins can be created very easily whereas you have work for steem, so I am guessing Steem both in long and short-term

WHO WILL WIN?!?!??!? @OriginalWorks