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Just 3 month ago STEEM was at it's all times high 0.0009779 BTC
My 1500 STEEM worth was almost 1.5 bitcoin!!!
I was sure steem will continue and go up to 10$ and was very optimistic regarding STEEM but the reality slapped on my face.
Today STEEM price in bitcoins is 0.0002575!! - it lost about 75% in confront of the bitcoin in only 3 month - my 1500 STEEM are worth about 0.386 bitcoins (lost 1.114 bitcoins).
It was one of my worst investments ever.

Yes, sure, I can hope that STEEM will go up 300% (4.$) and I will see STEEM at its all time high levels and beyond - in the cryptocurrencies world it is possible but for today i am 75% down :( and holding

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