Proposal: Long term rewards for bloggers and platforms hosting STEEM posts

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Long term rewards for content and content hosts

@condra was saying on @steemspeak that he would like to have a mechanism for posts to get long term rewards. @fyrstikken and I went on to develop some ideas to make this a reality.

This post will describe a mechanism to enable long range rewards for bloggers and independent platforms hosting STEEM-chain content. This will help grow more steem-powered platforms and at the same time pay bloggers long term for their content. Giving them an incentive to create timeless content.

Steem powered platforms will be the sellers

Steem powered platforms like and @zappl will have an on-chain mechanism where they can auction away ad space impressions on their platforms to advertisers. Anyone can then bid on this ad-space and submit their ads on-chain like a post.

Trustless Implementation on the bloggers terms

Ad impressions will be sold in the form of an auction for a time windows on individual bloggers posts. Adspace bidders get the amount of impressions proportional with the total STEEM paid into anyone auction vs the size of bids they make. Payments will automatically be split between the blogger and the platform in accordance with the bloggers advertising terms and conditions he has chosen. This way content creators are in control and steem-platforms can choose what bloggers they want to monetize with ads.

Bloggers are in control. On-chain license for the content.

As bloggers submit new posts they will choose if they want to enable ads or not and how much of a cut they require for platforms to publish their content. A kind of on-chain license agreement.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Like this?

Screenshot 2017-07-01 06.43.28.png

And Bloggers make the money?

Yes Please :) - When?


That would work. But I am thinking different interfaces like for example, @zappl needs other formats. But there could be some standards.


Damn you got up-votes from alll the whales on this damn man $500 for a post thats amazing and im glad to see it got support! e need long term rewards just from upvotes after the first 7 days right? Shouldn't people just get to accumulate steem? Maybe you can only give a fraction of your up-vote power to an older post? Why is it again that we cannot give money to posts after 7 days? seems arbitrary to me and also i feel like when i was here in march that it was longer that 7 days? or we had 24 hr payouts right? Why did they change that again?


Did you block me from SteemSpeak Voice, or who do this??

Mughat mentioned that there is a public clip of our flatearth discussion from the other day, where I am trying to convince ~15 steemians about the flat earth. Do you have a link to that and will you send it to me or respond it in this post?


That could be huge... Great idea @fyrstikken

I like it! I always hate when I post something great and my timing is off, and people ignore it if it is more than a few hours old, causing great content for myself and others to get lost in the time continuum. I fully support this as not only short term content should be rewarded. Cheers to you, @mughat!


Time continuum is a great description of the posting system. I have made more money commenting on posts than the articles I have written. It would not take much money to subplant my "real" J.O.B".


@tee-em I agree...Timing and content both is perfect...btw
@mughat I like the idea. .


Like your style and vision!


Like your style and vision!


I'm wondering even if great content are being produced, there has to be a better way for minnows to reach hot or trending status. I thinking along the lines of personalized post where there's an algorithm that feeds you post that you'll want to read.

I'm not sure if there's an in-built SEO that can function in Steemit. It's easy for great articles to get lost in the sea of constant posts.

I heard it and thought good ideas and foundations for implementation were presented. I am glad it is a concise and to the point post as well.

This would also make it more worthwhile to optimze steemit posts for search engines (SEO) in order to get traffic over a longer period.

This way the ongoing traffic from search engines would still be profitable for the author himself.

Good idea


Good point.

I think this is make it more worthwhile to optimize steemit for SEO. This will help get more traffic in the long run.

It's would still be profitable for the author himself outside steemit.

That's a great idea!!!

This great idea will also help Affiliate marketers whose work and skill have been negated by the 7-day half-life of steemit posts.
Pls implement ASAP. Resteemed. Upvoted

That's a real good concept to ensure long term profiting. Kinda sad to see your old post diminish in the black abyss called past 7-day mark.
Also a way to increase the overall value of Steemit.

Resteemed. This discussion is long overdue.


Delighted to see these ideas being generally welcomed.

I meant how would curation and following affect the advertisers decision-making? I'm not against the authors with large followings making even more money through ad revenue, but don't you think the advertisers would focus almost exclusively on those with a large following and high viewship?

I wonder if auctioning away usage rights to the content itself would have more value. i.e.:

Great post provides insight on a relevant topic, cites their sources, creates value in a field... Platforms with existing viewership (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.) bid on the right to republish the content with attribution to the user who created it. Obviously with an opt-in for users to allow platforms to bid on their content.

An arrangement like that would promote good writers regardless of following and allow those writing quality posts to have a monetary incentive to continue doing so, even when their steemit revenue might only be in cents.


Impressions would be a very important factor for advertisers. Many posts have a lot of traffic coming from google searches that are currently not turned into money for the bloggers or hosting platforms.


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I upvoted and resteeem. I think the worth articles should be rewarded in long terms not only in 7days

You have room for one more tag, might I suggest growth-ideas as that was an official tag that was recommended by steemit inc. for use for these types of things and I'd like to make certain they see your idea.



I support this idea... Makes sense for posts with completely original content to continue earning rewards...

Sounds like a good plan. Good Content is just as valuable a while after its been produced so why not have ongoing rewards.

Very interesting idea indeed. I would love to find a way to make long term rewards for bloggers a thing, but I think you will get a lot of pushback when it comes to using the boogeyman of "ads"

@mughat best idea ever after the creation of Steemit. Great content, got my upvote. can't wait to see these ideas manifest into reality.

That seems to be a very good proposal. It will also motivate many steemians to consistently blog on various topics.

Very interesting ideas. Upvoted :)

I think it is agood idea. Who is going to inplement it?

Would love to see this concept materialize to get a better picture of it.

I like this idea. I have a online money making blog.

Pretty cool, the more the ways of making money the better. Good for everybody associated with the platform in the long run.

I like your posts, it's always interesting.

This is pretty great! Got any other good tips for those starting bloggers out there?

a longer reward system is needed for steemit. Its a great idea...

Wonderful idea...thanks for sharing

I'm beginning to feel like Steemit is some kind of write once, read once platform.

It's like snapchat. Only instead of deleting a photo. Here it become's almost impossible to find a post back.


Yeah, that sucks. It's kind of stupid to use blockchain for this. Everything is recorded forever in the blockchain.

But fortunately it's mostly a user interface problem, hopefully somebody will create a better UI in the future.

I'll block any ads on Steemit that don't compensate me for my attention. It's not just the blogger who is involved in this transaction, the reader's attention is the main commodity here.


Maybe ads are only shown to people who don't have an account on steem. This way you would have an incentive to sign up. And maybe the ads will only be visible after 7 days. I just think it's a shame the content creator get's nothing after the initial reward.


I agree with the intent, I do think we need to solve this problem as it is imperative to support both contemporary and long tail content. I just also want to have Steem be a system where it's recognized that the users attention belongs to them, and giving it out should involve their consent (which may require financial incentives).

I agree with your addendums.

Thanks so much for posting this. I think this is a great idea. Currently, one of the weaknesses of the platform is that bloggers on Steemit only get paid for upvotes made on posts within the first 7 days. It's good to know there is a another potential way for users to get rewarded for their content after this period.

Congratulations @mughat!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 768,22

Would a large backlog of paying content make it increasingly more difficult for new users and content creators to break out? I assumed this was the reason the payout was already limited to 7 days.


This would be on top of the current rewards. There is an unused potential here. It would not impact new users negatively.


It does seem like a revenue stream that Steemit, collectively, would want to capture somehow if they want to dethrone FB/T.

Longevity pays off and deserving so:) Having made my official post yet but I want to learn the ropes and have great understanding of everything. Thanks for all your help and tips!

So if I want to publish something that has bigger visibility I will need to think that the final pay will decrease with the amount of the specific cost. Correct? Otherwise if not everything will be as it's now when is nothing to sacrifice

Introducing ads to an established platform with thousands of users isn't easy, I can tell you that much from experience. This is a longrun project.

This is an interesting idea. When Steemit first came online, they had a residual income model. It was part of what attracted me in the first place.

Awesome! Especially when this will get implemented and hope it will be really SOON :)

That can be a possibility. I'd love to see this being tried.

I like this idea, its pretty frustrating posting something and then no one notices, and what usually ends up happening is all the "hot" or "trending" posts are from the same 20, Long term rewards sounds like a small step in the right direction

The future is here ,thank for you solutions.

I am wondering what kind of advertiser we would like to see here. Crypto exchangers maybe. I know there are survivalist type folks here so maybe gear or food. Any other ideas? I would like the option to decline a particular advertiser I don't like. And make sure the advertiser does not have power to censor or block our freedom of speech.

I agree. Some ideas take time to mature

Rome was not built in a day
STEEM was not popular on its first week

Investing my first SBD on this and resteem it

What would be great is if there was an "ad bank" where advertisers can sign up to be on the roster of advertisers along with how much they are willing to pay if the blogger includes their ad. Then the blogger selects the ad which best fits their blog and gets additional pay on ad clicks -- giving the blogger incentive to mention the ad they selected in their blog or encourage their readers to click on the ad and check out their sponsor.

I'm not typically a fan of ads being implemented on a platform where they don't presently exist. However, given the limited rewards pool that steemit draws from, I wouldn't mind an influx of additional money from other sources to promote blogs.

I know that while there is a lot of crap content on here, I've also seen some of the best writing content on the web.

How do you think following and curation would affect this? Naturally, an advertiser would want to get the most impressions and views unless they're going after a real niche audience. Wouldn't they just bid for ads on the posts already making a killing?


I don't think the nature of curation would change. This is meant to incentivize content with a much longer life. Advertisers would probably want to bid on the blogs where their products would be the most relevant.


Agree on relevance. I think this will also widen the type of content on the platform, given that a positibility of additional incentive from ads.

Good post. I have already followed and upvoted. I have just joined Steemit for 2 weeks. I think that Steemit should be improve and I agree with your idea . Everyday I try to share more useful information from my experience. Hope that everybody will support me ^^

Please help me how to make money with Steemit?

So far earn 1cent only :(

Need to support my family


Please don't beg on the platform. You will be flagged.

great idea. Upvoted :)

It does seem more fair. I mean even YouTube pays indefinitely. I have content on YT that is 5 plus years that is still earning!! As long as Google is going to index it, we should earn!

Yes! This is brilliant. Sometimes life on Steemit is too much like the movie Groundhog Day - people doing/posting the same type of content every single hour because unless you really dig through the feeds - there's no yesterday on here, there's just this hour.

Hope this becomes a reality!

@mughat i like your blog, every your post is interesting.

I am so new to this and so confused. So is this something that will be automatically be add​ed as an option or will we have to open a separate​ account to make this work?​
Certificate of confusion.png


The idea is to make is very easy and automatic for bloggers. Bloggers would only need to enable this feature to get extra rewards when posting. Nothing complicated.


From past experience, do you think you could give an estimate of how long it would take for a project like this to go through all the steps from Proposal to Feature?

MORE Rewards Just Ahead @mughat

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I'd support this

Your first 2 paragraphs remind me of a comment I just made to another post a couple hours ago, here. I think it's relevant, so I hope it's okay if I quote it in full:

You're spot-on about the problems. The solutions are harder to evaluate. Or to come by.

Trying to think about this just on the spot, and comparing it to the real world, I think one problem might be time. Think of it this way: the really genuinely good artists and authors and thinkers of this world, usually take years to rise to the top. It may even happen posthumously. Bad authors and artists, on the other hand, rise quickly and then fade away just as fast.

So. By supporting a system where every post is 'live' for only 7 days, you're in essence favoring the sprinters, rather than the long runners. So the people who invest, will invest short-sightedly. A good post, if allowed to stay 'in circulation', will inevitably be spotted, and will slowly, but surely, rise to the top. If a person who upvoted this post could earn money in the long term, then there's his motivation to vote for posts that have real value.

What tends to get appreciated in the short term, is the readily fathomable, the already-understood. More important, or valuable, posts will need more time to be absorbed, and fathomed, and appreciated.

But I say all that without knowing exactly what the ramifications would be for the system in general, money-wise, or what the reasons are for the 7-day window (it used to be less, no?), and other practicalities.

Your proposals about ads are a possible solution to this. We need more people thinking like that, cos these are serious issues that prevent authors from creating quality content.


Steemit is going to have ads?

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This is a great idea! Thanks for laying all this out. I think this could be how to transition into more opportunities for bloggers on steemit. Steem on :)

Good post
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I look forward to your next work

I don't believe that advertisements should in any way enter steemit, except the user who wishes to sell his bandwidth to place an ad within his blog. The nature of posting interesting and informative blog should be the only means to raise STEEM. If all you want is money, go trade on the forex. Here, if you interest others in your content, curate well, and vote efficiently, there is absolutely no need for ads. None! Zilch! Zero!
--Adding the commercial clutter and outright stink, of ME ME ME ME ME to a firm in which excellence is already a means, is counter to everything I've learnt if steemit in the few short weeks I've been reading here.
--It were better, all round, if some of the IT brains worked out how to open the archives to better retrieval and more beans of earning. I have previously noted, that if one has within 7 days 'a unit's of exchange 'worth' 1 value, then INDEXing, dividing and subdividing, and classing the archives into a library that members can Vote in parts (😆 bits) of the 1 value 'unit's, would be fairest if all means to benefit all bloggers and raise the overall value of as 1.a universal library, 2.a means if earning and exchanging currency Fir anyone in the world with worthwhile information about anything, past or future, or possibly dreamed yet to manifest.
--ads just clutter the info with non-pertinent pseudo info.
Keep on keeping on. 😇