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Thank you very much sir @dimimp for hiring me,am really delighted to finally be on sf7. I would like the cash out option, in your next power down sir you could throw some extra steem too , cos am working on a classic rap song , this will enable me shoot the video and get studio time . i titled 'prodigal dad' . Its a story of a man who left his wife and 4 kids for 20 years,is now returning home to ask for there forgiveness. Its so classic and it will promote steemjet, motivation for young children whose dad has left,a lesson to fathers and a lot. I need an access to a good studio and instruments to make this song a reality that's why am asking for a cash out cos i want to make my dream of touching lives with my rap songs a reality and i believe am on the right jet sir.Here is the lyrics of the song for you to know how classic the song is;



Am sorry dad,but i have to be straight with you
Don't want to hurt you but have to
Tell the truth to you
Mama told me everything
What you did,how you left us
In the middle of the night
With nothing but pains to infect us
Now you standing in front our faces
Asking for forgiveness
How could you be so mean
To be man enough to face us that you sorry now
Where was your sorry ass when you left us
With no food on the table
Left us disabled
You put a spear in our heart and expect us
Not to bleed out
So typical
Of a man that left his wife with 4 kids
20 years ago
Now you back asking us to let it go
Cos we've made it
Guess you expect to eat your cake
And still have it back
You ain't no God dad


You ain't no God dad x3


Believe me son,am sorry for what i did
To you all and your mama
A prophet said to me she was the cause of
My stagger
That if i did not put her away
I will be broke and a pauper forever
Young me,so stupid
Left cos i taught it was for the better
They say time flies
And make one not to remember
Poverty is like cancer
Digs deep into your slumber
2 years after i left,started making the money
Everything else didn't matter
Raping and singing from coast to coast
Flying steemjet from zones to zones
They say the love for money
Changes your heart from good to stone
But then i doubt it
But now am down on my knees
Saying that am sorry
Cos the man standing in front of you
Only got two weeks to live
I got cancer,am dying son



Looking back at all the things you made us
Go through
I won't be shy to tell you karma
Is catching up with you
'hey sean,take it easy,he is dying'
Dont tell me to take it easy
Where was his sorry ass for 20 seasons
I was barely 8 when he left us
Now he stand in front of us
Telling us lies to our faces
Like we've been struck with amnesia
Can't remember,the scars on our faces
Of countless night with no food in our belle
Our room without tele
You can't deceive me dad
Even God can't forgive you
Now you act like you sorry or dying
Cos we've made
A living prove that you nothing but a man dad
You ain't no God.