Poloniex Just Unlocked Steem and SBD!

in steem •  last year

Quick, it may be time to transfer your Steem and SBD from the grips of Poloniex! For some time, Polo has “Temporarily Disabled” both Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) from being traded. I just noticed it is back!    

Although this is great I still have serious trust and confidence issues with Polo, as my outstanding SJCX deposit transaction service request is now 26 days old without even an acknowledgement from the support team. SJCX is also still in the “Temporarily Disabled” state of limbo. So, I think I will take this opportunity to divest my SBD and Steem from Polo and look towards a trusted crypto market service provider.   

Whichever you choose, it is good to have access back to our crypto assets!    

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Too bad deposits AND withdrawals still don't work . . .

Haven't tried Steem, but can confirm that SBD and BTS are still 100% unresponsive and broken. They still haven't responded to ANYTHING either after over a week . . .

Super pissed.

It is about time!!!!


yay!!!! hopefully everything works as planned

That's good news!

Wow it took forever for them to unlock it. It's a shame they unlock it right when the price for sbd drops too. I wanted to sell my sbd at 2.6 yesterday but it was down the whole time on polo. Now that it dropped to 1.8 polo unlocks it, how convenient!

Very cool thanks for sharing!!! upvoted, resteemed, followed!!!


Thanks for the upvote, resteem and follow!

Odin is very pleased, and removed all his Steem from Poloniex to Steemit and bought Steem power. This is what Odin does.


Odin is a wise Norse god.

I'm a minnow, only been here a few weeks, the only mention of Polo has been in a negative breath, which is the more trusted free market enterprise in your esteemed opinion? You've been upvoted, resteemed and followed, thank you for the heads up!


I have been asking around, doing research, and evaluating different markets. Each has its own pro's/con's, but I think I am going over to Bittrex and see how the waters are there. Everyone I have chatted with has good things to say and it supports a lot of crypto coins. So it is a good choice for me.

No, that is not the case. I sent money to Polo a little while earlier today and it never arrived there. DO NOT SEND TO POLO!. They need to fix their shit.

Yes if you have something stuck on there you can get it out. But now people are tricked into sending stuff in and it's not appearing.


At least this is a step in the right direction!
I am happy that it looks like I can withdraw.

Still have bug inside.
sent money in but not receiving.
YOu can try using a small amount first.


Good advice! Caution is warranted.


I upvoted yours, as 2nd place is the first loser. :)

Eventough deposits and withdrawal are available now in polo..
Many of the users still have their issues with their steem sbd withdrawal..
Im discouraging users to depositi steem and sbd..


Which is another reason I am choosing to change service providers.


Right..right now..im gonna go to bittrex..thanks..

I tested it and it's been over an hour and nothing has shown up still..


Uggg. Well I just transferred some out. Let's see if it goes.

thanks for sharing! great news to start the day.

Yes, it's all back :) Great news :)

finally! it's time to power up ;)

Thanks for the news, I can confirm that STEEM withdrawals work


Same here. I was able to transfer STEEM out yesterday successfully!

The Messiah is back!

Great and hope no money lost via deposit or withdrawal.

Hmmm, looks like wallets are 'Temporarily Disabled' again... Deposits from last week still haven't been received by poloniex.

Poloniex is losing all it's credibility... Very sad to see that there is no real exchange platform we can trust.
I hope that some blockchain based platform is gonna merge and take them out of buisness (-_-)'