Update !!! @morwhale add new upvote feature to ensure a better earning returns

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morwhale update.png

Hi everyone!

Today @morwhale voting bid bot has added a new feature to ensure a better earning returns to its users.

The Bid bot is disabled Now.

@morwhale now give you :

  • From 4 to 30 up-votes of your posts after 5 min winding your transfer .
  • No comment in your posts
  • Ability to upvote your post and your comment link too

And :

Current Parameters:

  • Minimum transfer - 0.01 SBD or STEEM
  • Maximum transfer - No max ( Donation )
  • Maximum lost age - 6 days
  • No Automatic Refunds

Thankyou my dear followers

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I will think about using your bot

This comment has received a 0.13 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @rahuldesai.

Hey @morwhale i sent u 0.01 steam still have not recvd ur upvote

How do I add my post to bid list? Just tag @morwhale?
Thank you

Thanks @sweetjoy , you are awesome

i using @morwhale with hope my link come to hot topic with 40 upvote coming in 5 minutes, but i miss something, many of them have low power and i got 40 upvote earn $0.00 for 0.01 ?

then i will try again with this update and hope something surprise with these :)

extraordinary postings

Thanks For this nice feature..... i am always with you @morwhale..... love you dear Bot... You are great for team upvotes.....

Hi @morwhale I 0.2 sbd 5 huors ago. But you don't upvote. Screenshot_2018-03-13-16-14-23.png

You neither upvoted nor refund @morwhale.
My post link https://steemit.com/funny/@sampicaso/a-modern-slave