Steem Is The Crypto Cheat Code

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You want a cheat code into the crypto game?
Post on Steem.

✔️ 1 million+ blockchain transactions, daily
✔️ Fastest transacting blockchain (3 seconds)
✔️ Hardware free mining (Just post!)
✔️ Staking rewards
✔️ Curation rewards

Steem is easily the simplest way for anyone to start earning crypto. Once you set it up: post & earn. No hardware to configure, or hashrates to monitor... just get an account, write good content and earn precious upvotes.

Boom, that simple.

It's a full on, completely functioning model: real people, creating tangible value for each other, every single day. (There is only one other blockchain that can say the same).

Steem is ready for you. Come join us.

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