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Maybe you tested out a new 'strategy' i.e. modified martingale or snipershot or custom script wagering and been making good progress. Now you want to keep it to yourself, you can do that with @moonsteem unlike other crash games out there.

Featuring the private mode option for user. Just go under your main account tab and click "Make it private", this will hide your game profile stats from public.
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Let's moonSTEEM !

Play NOW - https://www.moonsteem.com


💰Get ’FREE’ steemies to play by upvoting @moonsteem posts / comments, you need to register with moonSTEEM first before you do the upvote. After you upvote moonSTEEM’s posts / comments, you need to wait about 1 minute and refresh your game page to see the Steemies in your account. You can see the Steemies credited to your account by clicking the “Faucet” tab on your account page.

💵 Players Upvote Lottery : WIN a 100% upvote (worth $0.65) from moonSTEEM. Players whom wagered more than 1,000 Steemies (cumulative) during each voting round (every 2.5hr) will automatically stand a chance to win. You can win more than 1 upvote per day.

Resteem + Tag and Claim FREE Token !

  • Every Resteem : 0.1 token (same as a 5 Steemies bet) * number of followers * current token bonus (x4.7)
  • Tag your friends in comment : 5 tokens (same as a 250 Steemies bet) * number of mentions (maximum of 5) * current token bonus (x4.7)

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If you reside in a location where gambling, or betting over the internet is illegal, please do not click on anything related to these activities on this site. You must be 18 to 21 years of age to click on any gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognising that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, players are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered.

The game provided by moonSTEEM is based on blockchain, provably-fair, and transparency. As with all gambling, there’s entertainment value for the thrill and it also carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and go with the amount that you can afford to lose, Be responsible and don’t overindulge.


Better hide your winnings, not that the mafia (aka the government for some people) pays you a visit

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