Let's Get Steem on Binance!

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Steem has really taken off in the past few days, currently valued at over $6.00! The problem is that many exchanges haven't implemented Steem support, and the majority of trading happens on Bittrex and Poloniex.

Binance is an exchange that is loved by many Steemians from @kingscrown to @yabapmatt to even myself, and is one of the largest and fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges out there. They have a proven record of trying to list the most innovative coins out there, and Steem definitely fits the bill!

Binance has made getting a coin listed an easy process for any core team member. Let's get Steem listed on Binance!


Nominating Steem

In order to get Steem nominated, any of the core developers (e.g. representatives from @steemit, such as @ned) need to contact Binance. Here's some easy instructions to follow for Steemit Inc representatives:

  • Contact Binance representatives through this form here.

The questions on the form are pretty simple for coins like STEEM:


After a core member fills it out, all we can do is wait (hopefully for good news)!

Instructions on Making Steem Count

Binance has grown into one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges out there, so their coin screening policies are very stringent. Luckily, with enough help from the core team members in marketing Steem through the form, Steem has what it takes to get listed!

In this important article by the CEO of Binance on filling out the form properly, Zhao says:

In general, we like coins with large user base, proven product, and a well-known team. It’s all basic stuff. Nothing fancy.

Large User Base: Yes, obviously!
Proven Product: https://steemit.com
Well Known Team: @steemit (Steemit Inc)

Looks good there!

— Binance CEO

Obviously, the user base is easily provable with https://steemit.com and SteemD statistics.

Working product or prototype is easily provable just by linking to https://steemit.com, https://busy.org, http://chainbb.com, https://utopian.io, literally any Steem-based website.

For the Code clarification, they seem to value open-source projects, so simply linking to Steem's Github repository should be enough.

Lastly, the Steemit team is one of the best out there and has created a truly remarkable product. No doubts there.

It definitely looks like Steem has what it takes to be listed!

All it needs is for a @steemit core member or representative to accurately fill out the form here, include all the correct details, and send it off.

If you have contact or communication with anyone from @steemit, feel free to send this off to them. Let's get Steem listed on Binance!

Thanks for reading,

image source: Binance logo, Steem Logo
form link for Steemit: here


Yes the more exchanges the better. Binance and even KuCoin. I just signed up to for KuCoin. Looks pretty solid. You should take a look at that exchange.

Yea im loving kucoin!
Seems to be gaining traction in the market now...
It'll do great in the future.... Better buy their tokens now!

KuCoin had a big gain today. Hopefully it can start working its way back to over $20. They grew very quickly and had some growing pains, but they have been making some improvements, and once they work it all out, it should go parabolic.

$20 and beyond...
People should hope on that train now!
Atleast register on the exchange, because if too many people flood into it then they might have to stop taking in new members like we have seen with other Exchanges.

The more the better. I'll take a look when I can!

I️ think that this would be great if we could get steem and sbd on binance.

Let's do it! Unfortunately, I don't have the power to do that. 🙁

Yeah, though you can fill out the form, the CEO says they require one by Steemit. Filling out the form yourself could definitely help but they say they treat non-core form fills as "much lower priority."

If you know anyone from @steemit, definitely forward this along! :)

If there are no minimum/maximum currency valuation limits against BTC or the USD, it's hard to believe that this hasn't been put forward sooner. Once listed on major exchanges, recognition and tradeability could push STEEM and the SBD up where we'd all love to see it valued.

Yes, I agree 100%! Binance is one of my favorite exchanges and I have already filled out the form for STEEM and contacted their support about it too (why not right?).

I will do whatever I can to get it listed!

Definitely agree!

Having community users like us fill out the form is certainly helpful, but they did say it's much more low-priority and they require a Steemit Inc member (or "core team member") to fill it out.

If you know anyone at @steemit, or know anyone that knows anyone at @steemit, etc (lol) tell them to fill it out! We need STEEM on Binance!

You can send message to @timcliff at steemit.chat and he is very responsive there. STEEM in its own weight (27 rank, $1.85B market cap, $100M trade volume , 0.55M users), should be already there. They have lots of low category or junk coins there already, perhaps due to dev team's hefty donation to Binance.

I, myself, have filled up the form month back. I wonder any dev from STINC contacted or not.

I did! He said that Steemit is aware of the requirements, and there's not much else they can say about it.

You make it easy for steemit. Inc. to have it done.
Now it is the time for steem to be on Binance.
Keep on steemit.

Whats your view on what is going to happen to the steem market at the moment?

It's on binance, thats awesome !!!


use my referal code pls, i will help u to vote for listing steem!! steem is so good but everymonths, it is never nominated, i can only vote but not nominate. so if anyone can nominate steem plssssss do so

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