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RE: Gods Unchained // The "right" game built on the wrong blockchain

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What is Guldurs gate? You probably meant Baldur's Gate? :) And that was just a regular D&D RPG, not an Action RPG like Diablo.

Gods Unchained are very much chained, you can't effectively sell cheaper cards without selling them in bulk. I don't even know if there is an option to sell them in bulk.


I changed it the sec i got home, I wrote this on my phone. Haha. :)
Diablo was based around all those games, streamlined to what we got.
I got Wirts leg before Diablo 2. haha.

I figured it was something like that :) Yes everything is basically a copy from something else, Starcraft stole everything from Warhammer40k universe, Warcraft 3 stole from fantasy Warhammer universe, there is very little originality out there. Also Diablo was released 2 years before Baldur's Gate, different game genres all together. Both actually started their own niches, Diablo started hack&slash ARPG genre. Baldur's gate started D&D RPGs like Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and similar titles.

Then i was wrong about Diablo. Ill just ignore you on that, pretend i didnt say it. haha. My memory seems to be hazy going back 20 years. Gaming history might be more your forte. :D

No worries, I had an itch I had to scratch. Profesionalna deformacija :)

You can sell in bulk. I think its 8 cards atm. Thats still a major pain in the ass.

I pulled my hair out waiting for the transaction to complete today. The reason i wrote this. Im a crypto enthusiast, gamer, i played LoL to diamond league, Splinterlands to diamond every week almost, i hold crypto, i know crypto, I played Vanilla Wow, you can slap me around with BS all day long but i wanted to pull my hair out when having to relist 2 cards today.
You can hardly expect any normal player to do the same. They would just middle finger everything and move on.

Yes, imagine you want to sell 30 different cards and at the moment you place them someone undercuts your price and you effectively lose a lot in transaction fees. That is not sustainable.