Crypto Bloodbath 2018.

in steem •  4 months ago


What a year this has been in crypto markets, up from the moons of Jupiter down to Mariana trench. Looks like we are heading down for the core, and then alts will truly be DED. Every chart right now will show you the price where it used to be 1 year 3 months ago.

The bubble was real, I just hope you made it out alive with at least some profits. In my case I could of sold 30% more then I actually did, but it is what it is. All this is a big learning experience, for everyone involved I guess. Cryptocurrency market is insanely volatile and speculative. Most products out there are just a vaporware with fake marketcap valuations. Their purpose is now nowhere to be found. You need to be careful out there.

There are not too many great projects like Steem where in the downtrend you can see so many innovations and great new projects coming from the community members. I think that is one of the core values this coin brings to the table, this 0.66$ per one Steem is highly undervalued, therefore I'm just waiting to power up some more once it drops more (the sentiment of overall BTC trend suggest that will happen soon).

My near and medium term goal is to go above 20k Steem, so the drop in price will get me there. Many fantasized to get that cheap Steem, now that dream is a reality, welcome to a new opportunity to become a larger Steem fish. You will probably not get there just by blogging, now if you see some potential here, you should buy some Steem (only amounts you can afford to lose).

I will set some Steem buy orders, go outside, go fishing and drink some beer. I will come back later drunk with some fish and some cheap Steem. That is a good day in my book.

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So many great projects... And all of them Dead. You're right. Only Steem is a reality. The rest are only promises. Unborn babies.


When you see 500 mil market cap valuation on some of those worthless alts it feels like we are going down more.

There are many quitting Steem now, but you are right, now is the time to be buying. Maybe we'll see another price rally for the Cryptos at Christmas again.


I'm bullish on Steem since day 1. Bear market cycle needs to pass before we see another rise, when will that happen nobody knows.

I luckily sold almost all my crypto over the winter, pure luck. I just needed the money. Considering all, every cent, came from Steemit earnings, it would still be no big deal. But a few great holidays and starting a business with it is truly the big reward. EOS is about to see a big dip, sell now buy it back later, promise.


Yeah, would you imagine, I only needed 1/13 of my Steem during highs to cover most of the year expenses. But that was a wrong train of thought, I needed to cash out extra to cover more time, but like I said live and learn. I'm also expecting EOS dip, will probably buy some then, depends what will BTC do.

"There are not too many great projects like Steem where in the downtrend you can see so many innovations".

This basically sums up everything, every time there is a bull trend we see a lot of new coins going up and the majority of them don´t even have a project behind. STEEM and not many others are always improving and that's why we are growing sustainably for so many years.


There are some bad things too, sometimes it wise to look at the both side of the coin. While we do have some great things going for us, there is still a lot of work to be done before we could climb up again. With time I bet will climb that mountain of success.

I was trying to add to my top ten coins position and I did. I bought some LTC today. I do believe in steem but I've been wanting to add some litecoin for a while. My next coins are cardano and steem but that will have to wait until I finish my emergency fund by the end of the year. I need to stay disciplined.


Ltc can always be a good investment in the long run, but if you buy Steem it can work for you, ltc you just hold, nothing extra interesting about it. Interesting how Cardano almost lost every ounce of gains once the run started. That just show how speculative this all is. At the time I thought man, this can't be true, bubble was so obvious. Now it is time to reevaluate everything.

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