Cambridge Meetup was a huge success

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A huge thank you to everyone that attended the #newsteem meetup in Cambridge today. People travelled a combined total of several hundreds of miles to have a chat and catch up. I was going to do the math but decided that it was far to complicated.

This meetup my friends is what you call true dedication. No one got paid to be here. We just want to make steem great in any way that we can and that takes coordination and joined up thinking.
Great ideas came thick and fast from everyone. Steemians are not your average kind of people.

If you are not following these steemians already then I suggest you check them out pronto. To have so many truly talented and skilled people in so many different fields all in one place was just fantastic.
Deals were done and plans were made.

The conversation was non stop and covered a huge range of topics but I will let the others tell you their part of the story of this fabulous day in the sunshine with commited individuals and a wish to shake things up.


@adetorrent (London)
@basilmarples (Norwich)
@gillianpearce (Brighton)
@molometer (Cambridgeshire)
@sazzler (Norwich)
@shanibeer (Leistershire)
@steevc (Hertfordshire)

Epic Steemians

6 steemians.jpg

Left to right: Steve, Ade, Gillian, Shani, Sapphira & Basil.

It would be impossible to relate the number of things we discussed, thrashed out and clarified but suffice to say that some very specific plans were made for the immediate future that we can all get involved with.

Below. Breaking bread together.
breaking bread together.jpg

More details to follow and a new steem proposal is in the works. For now just scroll through and have a look at a few of the photos of the day.

Below. Let's make a deal?
lets make a deal.jpg
Below. Deal done.
deal done.jpg

Below. Basil and Gillian get their art on.

Below. Punters ahoy hoy!

Cam bridge
cam bridge.jpg

Below. Steem is not Steemit!
2 steem.jpg

Below. Basil shows me how to Prune!? Gillian is watching assertively.

The Epic Steemians crew.

Once again a huge thank you all of you individually for making this meet up such a great event.

Getting 5.75% of the entire UK steemian brigade in one place on the same day is pretty amazing.

Your passion made it happen. It was a privilege to meet you all.

Steem on


Thanks for organising the meet-up Michael. I had a great time as always. Fun, fun fun! 😂

Glad you could make it Gillian, so good to meet people in the flesh.

Maybe organise one in Brighton? I'd be up for a trip to the seaside. 👍

Yep. Organising one in Brighton has been on my to-do list for a very long time now. Now there's a surprise! 😂

Haha, let us know when and I'm in. I may come by train and can then forget about parking! 😂😂👍

Looks like you had a great time.

This Friday we will have the #SteemMeetupAachen 7 with some speeches and a lot of fun'n'networking with a little !BEER

Please feel invited to join us in the city of Aachen

Thanks for the beer and invite @detlev sounds like you guys are well organised in Aachen.

You know, this germans try to do it in their style. ;-)

Just kidding, this format came out of the first few Meetups by itself. We only add beer and food.

Sounds like an excellent event @molometer.

Looking forward to hearing more about the new plans.

Thank you @steemclub-uk. Your help was invaluable.
The event was excellent and buzzing as you would expect. 7 of us made it to the meetup which is amazing when you think about it logistically?
We devised a workable plan to expand steem influence into a new area.

It will all become clear soon and it doesn't entail onboarding a gazillion hapless new users who we immediately lose.

Exciting new projects coming very soon.

Steem to the moon!!
What a lovely day and great weather conditions in mid September too.

It was a lovely day and exciting to make plans for the future.
The weather was sublime for September.
The UK weather is always interesting and surprising. 👍

The video was ok but no audio.
I forgot to turn the shotgun mic on? 😂😂 Dooh! Rookie mistake but I've just started using it. That's my excuse. 😂
Maybe I can make a montage with some music?

montaaaaage!!!! do it!

Can't beat a good montage. It's so cliche which is nice. 😂👍

Nothing like the energy of a meetup. We know other steemsters aren't just pixels, but meeting in person is a whole other thing. Glad it went well.

Thanks Matt and yep meeting people is just on another level.
We get so much further faster face to face.

Great to see we are building the UK Steemers are on a upward trend 💯🐒

We are getting there. Still very early days in this technology.

We are getting there.
Still very early days in
This technology.

                 - molometer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm a poet and I didn't know it. Thank you @haikubot

For sure but has great potential and is growing well. 💯🐒

It truly has massive potential. Steem on dude.

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @molometer, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Cheers just what the doctor ordered.👍

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I am glad to hear that the meet-up was a huge success. 😊

Thanks it was brilliant. These meet ups are always so much more than we can explain in text.

I agree. 😊

Great event, thankyou so much for organising! It was so nice to have one nearby in Cambridge.....lets do it again! Its so motivating!

p.s. you 'prune' like a champion! XD

Thank you. I had a great teacher. 😱

Let's do one in Norwich with added ghost walk. Blogs aplenty out of that kind of thang! 👍🙌

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Oh that is really cool! I am jealous of course. That looked to be a proper good time!

Next time you will have to twist the arm of @c0ff33a although I have no idea where he resides lol.

It is great when you can get a few steemians together in one place.
The conversations flow thick and fast.

@c0ff33a is up north of me. In Leeds as I recall and it is a good few hours drive away.

Cambridge is a very beautiful city for a visit. Not that we saw much as everyone was super excited to share their ideas.

How cool are you? I am just a tad jealous!! How nice to get all that steem in one room! :)

Looks like a great time was had by all!!!

Keepin on steemin!


Hi Denise, it was a fabulous day in Cambridge. The weather was perfect and the company was excellent.
We all need to get together more often. The support is priceless.

Thanks for the !tip

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That was lovely, thank you for organising people, weather and free pizza!

The weather was the easy part. 👍😂
It was great to meet you and share our stories. So many overlapping elements.
I'm just reading your most recent post and am looking into the reggae token options. 3 days in Jamaica sounds fabulous. 👍😀

Be rude not to 😊

😂👍 You said it sister. What's not to like about that offer? 😋

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