Please Spend 1 Minute to Request STEEM Listing on Netcoins Exchange

in steem •  3 months ago

Today is the last day to pick STEEM as the preferred coin to get listed on Netcoins Exchange.

We have less than 10 hours until this contest is over. Please take 1 minute out of your day to simply go to this website and pick STEEM as the preferred coin to list on the exchange.

All you need to do is click on the vote button for STEEM. You will get an email to verify the vote and that it all you need.

STEEM is in the lead, but barely. Verge seems to have surges of 1000+ jump in votes in very short period of time, There may be bots voting for Verge. Steemit has real people to vote and can easily overwhelm the bots. The STEEM votes need to be in the lead by well over 1000 to ensure a win.

Go vote, Then get the word out to anyone you know to vote. They don't need to know anything about cryptocurrency to vote for STEEM.

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Done! Looks like STEEM is still in the lead with 14,361 votes 😊 I did not realize this was going on or I would I started voting sooner!


You can make up for lost time by just looking in your cell phone for people that will support voting. They do not need to know anything about cryptocurrency to do it. Just let them know it is for a good cause.

Bless you.


Awesome idea! I will see what I can do. Thanks ♥