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RE: Operation Clean Trending

in #steem6 years ago

This whole article takes into assumption that all bid-bot operators, delegators, or users, are all doing it for profit only, and have no intention of creating value in the network.

This raises a problem of subjectivity. For example, Suesa's post was very clearly not doing it for profit, but that can only be known if you knew the person. Context becomes an issue, quality and value becomes an opinion, and no investigation will reliably give you a true answer to this assumption in general.

With that in mind you inevitably end up arbitrarily flagging every post regardless of its context, and contribution to the platform. I agree with the sentiment on the whole, don't get me wrong, but a higher status of responsibility & regulation is going to be needed if it's to avoid backlash.

For example, as a curator, I don't just upvote things using our tag, nor do I upvote simply 'good' content. I have to visit their profiles and check their comments and previous posts to get a contextual picture of who they are so I know they're not just abusing the system for profit. Takes time.


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