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RE: Go vote for Steemit as "Social Network of the Year," on HackerNoon's "The Noonies," awards!!!

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I see people saying 'more exposure can't hurt', but I say it can. If we keep rounding up the 'community' to blindly vote on meaningless polls that ultimately lead to nothing, and accurately represent nothing (Steemit is the social network of 2019? Really?), we risk tiring motivation.

I've seen this rounding up of people over and over again to get first place in basically nothing for their apathetic votes. We need something exciting and meaningful that can show there's an actual difference that can be made from our actions. This... is not such a thing.


Yeah. I see the poll is on an obscure and unknown site, seems to be somebody's blog more-or-less.
There were only 3274 total clicks, even after Steemit featured this post and begged all members to vote.

Fiar enough. But for a lot of people who spend time on Steemit, it IS their favorite social network of 2019 even if you wouldn't objectively call it "the best".

If that's the case then they should help come together and make something of it rather than put all their effort in what is little more than a facebook poll on a friends post several times a year. It's like praying for the rain. The praying makes you feel like you've done something without actually doing anything

The praying makes you feel like you've done something without actually doing anything

You mean the organic and logical way without faking votes on random polls? :DDDD You must be crazy. Oh, btw you forgot to self-vote your comment- free money you know.

I 100% disagree with your sentiment. How is more exposure going to hurt us as a network? Blindly voting? People are here because they like this network, it's their network, and if they're organically voting for it as their favorite social network of 2019, then what's the issue? Exposure on a leading news site "leads to nothing?" You sound like a pessimist, or the price of Steem is dampening your vision. Or you've lost a few bucks.

Steemit is the social network of 2019? Yes, really. It gets you paid, be it pennies or more, and it doesn't censor or ban you. That's freedom and a beautiful network if you ask me. What else offers that and has been around as long as us? Hint: Nothing.

Show me a better model.

What else offers that

Facebook, Instagram, Douyin, minds, bitchute, youtube... the list goes on.

What you really seem to be asking is 'how many sites pay you in the same way', which implies this is the best way to be paid, which it isn't. But that's a whole other debate.

As I said, we've all seen these same posts happen time and time again for years, and they ultimately do indeed lead to nothing every time.

It has lead to the exact same conversations on trending, on my feed, all over the place that, after coming back from a 4+ month break, seems like people are just re-posting their old content practically; 'Why you should invest in steem!' and so forth.

I haven't paid attention to the prices for a very long time, I decided long ago that just coasting along blogging on Steemit isn't how the blockchain is going to make its value. Ned himself admitted that Steemit was just an experiment that isn't going to go anywhere.

Steem is where all the power is at. That is the better model. Create intuitive initiatives that get outsiders involved, journalists intrigued, investors excited. I'm working on this through SteemSTEM, others are working on it through their own projects. Nobody is going to get excited by a poll that has, last I checked, 2,000 votes spread over numerous social media choices. Sure you can pat yourselves on the back, then what? Where is this exposure? When do we go viral and hit CNN?

At the height of popularity, Ned got an interview on Bloomberg, where they basically asked him the most apathetic questions and he answers just as apathetically, and that was the end of that. There was no jump in price, there was no influx of users. When Steem was being opened on Binance, everyone was expecting things to EXPLODE. What really happened? The price plummeted, no influx of users.

If bloomberg and binance can't get the platform energised on a global or even national scale, I for whatever pessimistic reason doubt a poll where 2,000 users already circle jerking within the system voted, on a website nobody has ever heard of (it ranks like the same as Steemit in traffic, which is practically nothing), will.

If we all love Steemit, well, have fun with that I guess. If we all love Steem, make Steem accessible and attractive to outside users!

Here's a hint: Nobody really enjoys blogging. If the money goes away, the users go away, we see this pattern all the time here. Yet people use reddit in the billions for free. Why is that?

You're absolutely 100% incorrect. Every alternative you've mentioned is not censorship resistant. Every alternative you've mentioned does not reward you in cryptocurrency and none are decentralized. I'm not going to waste more time, you clearly have some studying to do or are trolling. Every alternative you've mentioned has a corporate overlord.

Seems to me you're just trying to piss in the pool or are disgruntled.

Feel free to get emotional about it, I'm just observing what's actually going on. If being absolutist about censorship and decentralisation and cryptocurrency is your ultimatum, then good luck. Whether or not these things are good in any person's opinion, they are not what will make the platform big.

At best it'll be a controversial statement in any article about Steemit, as it already is if you read any piece about it online.

No, growth is going to come from a working, beautiful, inituitive and stable platform that stands alone in a saturated market by the use of tokens and Steem and some other novel element. Steemit is neither working, beautiful, intuitive or stable and it never will be, since it's just where a bunch of blogs go and little else. And that's fine. The point of Steem is not Steemit. Steemit is just one tiny hair on the head of Steem.

If you're trapped kissing Steemit your entire social media career, you're going nowhere. If you embrace the actual potential that Steem has and make something of it by doing more than voting some obscure poll, THAT will bring exposure.

Anyway, agree to disagree I guess

Seems to me you're just trying to piss in the pool or are disgruntled.

I've very very Pro-Steem and hoping to build something huge. I frequently share ideas I'm excited about. No disgruntled trolling going on here. Poll voting just seems pointless. Another analogy is like people who stop using straws in the west while 90% of plastic in the ocean comes from discarded fishing nets and Asia in general. Makes you feel righteous, but it ain't really accomplishing anything.

I'm not getting emotional, I'm stating facts about our network VS others. Sure, it's new and still "in the works," but we have a decent sized userbase, no one technically owns us, the chain is censorship resistant (huge problem these days), you can't be banned, and you're rewarded for your participation.

Hacker Noon has a wide audience. Winning the poll only brings more attention and actually says "yeah, people are using it." Organically winning a poll does say something. I think you're also thinking that I think Steemit = Steem. I'm using "Steemit," since that's what it is on the poll.

I think one thing you need to realize is that while we are well aware that Steem is the platform and Steemit is a frontend, the first frontend, people outside of he platform still associate the platform with Steemit.

We can either spend our time trying to educate them or just recognize the vote is about the platform. Positive votes, especially on a site like Hacker Noon, is marketing that so many are complaining isn't happen. Organic marketing is gold IMO.

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