What people thinks about THETA 31 January 2019

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Here you can see the latest 10 twitts about THETA


2019-01-31 00:12:28

Just a #whythetawednesday from our extraordinary sister @laurenreidd1 “I chose Theta because when I walked into spr… https://t.co/zFG5PEaGKX


2019-01-31 00:09:12

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2019-01-31 00:06:00

Ricoh Theta V connects wirelessly with Playstation VR and Oculus Go, from @360rumorsblog https://t.co/w9KdDlLQZz


2019-01-31 00:04:39

.@ArtyBots Too much theta, not enough r. https://t.co/DTuZgL1q4e


2019-01-30 23:57:48

📉 Biggest Losers (1 hr) 📉
Dent $DENT -1.9% ❄️
Decentraland $MANA -1.23% ❄️
Waves $WAVES -1.1% ❄️
Holo $HOT -1.04% ❄️
THETA $THETA -1.02% ❄️


2019-01-30 23:55:26

RT @review_ap: For C You will be cued in to use the intergral if you have a force changing with respect to position. P1 will use W=F(d) **b…


2019-01-30 23:51:13

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2019-01-30 23:50:21

RT @shsu_ifc: Phi Delta Thetas National Philanthropy is the ALS Association, where Phi Delta Theta strives to make a significant impact on…


2019-01-30 23:47:48

RT @Upnext101: 1st Top 20 #UpNextPlaylist via SC:(continued)
15.Cocaine Music - @graveyardent

  1. My Bag - @tank2x_
  2. I’m Comin -@IAm


2019-01-30 23:43:55

January 29, 1973 - The Theta Iota of Alpha Phi Alpha was founded at Virginia Tech. #VTHokies #1906

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