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My offer for you

Need to built some follower base so I came up with this offer. If you are interested in money, investing, cryptocurrency, steemit, precious metals or cannabis follow me and I'll follow you + send you 0.005 STEEM 😎🤗. You have nothing to lose so try it at least. 😁

Please follow only if you are interested in these topics.

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Word, what up @mischaro. I’ve been a steemian for a week, and am new to the whole crypto game in general, but, big but, I’ve grown a ton of dope in my day. Been in that game in all capacities for decades. No more though as I live in a country that practices capital punishment so ain’t no dope growing going on up in hurr. I’m all about the movement though, both decentralized and cannabis. I think I gotta pic or two of how I got to where I’m at ..400 gallon smart pots, think these averaged about 7lbs per plant September of 2016 from the 707 😎3C0B8D05-1795-4988-8553-7075B59D2DED.jpeg

Beautiful 😋💚

If you have followed please reply with a comment here so I notice faster!

I have followed you.

Thank you for using Resteem & Voting Bot @allaz Your post will be min. 10+ resteemed with over 13000+ followers & min. 25+ Upvote Different account (5000+ Steem Power).

Looking really forward to get to know more about all the above mentioned topics. Followed you :)

Sent, definitely do not hesitate to check some of my previous posts 😁

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