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send 0.1 -> 2 sbd to minnowpond with the url to your post as the memo to recieve upvotes from up to 90 accounts
send 0.5 STEEM to minnowpond with the url to your post as the memo the recieve a reSteem to over 9k+ followers

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I did send 0.3 SBD with link in memo yesterday but nothing happened... @minnowpond

sir, i send you 0,100 sbd, but i dont have upvote you. Why sir?

my post :

screenshoot :

I transferred 0.100SBD today no upvote yet
Username cisse56 please help me to check
The post

refund via vote~


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Hi @minnowpond - Do you have a policy of unvoting spammers? I'm mostly talking about this user and other annoying posts he's made:

hello i transfer U, 0.2 SBd for my post
And you dont have vote yet....

I did send 0.1 SBD with link in memo but nothing happened... @minnowpond

Hi minnowpond, i sent you 0,100 sbd.. but, why i not have upvote you, sir?

fyi, I'm a loyal customer @minnowpond

link post :


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hi, i send 0.1 for vote my post
and dont have vote yet...

i am so disappointed by @minnowpond i have sent 0.0160 SBD and i got 5,10 up votes what happened to @minnowpond ,why are you not giving us proper up voting .kindly reply me i am facing this issue 2nd time

@minnowpond please upvote: Transfer 0.500 SBD to minnowpond

Sent 0.5 sbd to resteem the following and posts submitted after this has been resteemed and upvoted:

@minnowpond, I sent you sbd for upvotes and nothing happened... refound please

The upvotes are not close to your profile advertisement @70+ nor near 90 as this post says... Paid 2 sbd yesterday & $1.33 upvoted & 23 upvotes... 😒

Hello sir I send 2 time your boat 0.100 sbd but no upvote your boat

Saya mengirim 0.100 sbd. Tapi postingan saya tidak mendapatkan apa2 dari minnowpond

Hello sir I send you 0.100 sbd but you don't upped me

I did send 0.1 SBD with link in memo but nothing happened... @minnowpond