Seeking Direction from the BOARD

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Or anyone with some advice. I just saw a report on Crypto at large, Bitcoin and all the alts, and it does not look good. The over-riding sentiment is that the "recovery" will take place is 2020! That is from Clif High's WEB BOT, which basically measures overall web thought as a whole. BTC price of $1200 😣

There are at least 2 major modifiers to this whole thing, and one is that the recovery will be sooner if Deutsche Bank crashes. That would mean the end of derivatives and overall price manipulation of everything. The other major factor is that we must remember that the Web Bot can only read the web sentiment that it is seeing, and that relies on an educated population being fed good information. So just a couple of Crypto-positive events could trigger a rally. I believe that Clif High has begun to interpret the Web Bot's output in the context of current events a little more, and he has hedged that with the collapse of Deutsche Bank, so one could also do that to a lesser extent with possibly.... let's say the SEC really loosens up on the crypto rules and lets the markets run. Something like that.

Here's Bix Weir's synopsis of the LONG Clif High Web Bot video, he condenses it to at least 75% shorter.

Dang dood, put on a shirt! lol

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