I gave it a shot...and they actually responded!! Now it's up to our devs.

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I decided to write a post regarding an email I received from Kraken Team the other day. Kraken is the platform I use quite for some time now in order to turn fiat money into crypto currencies.

More or less, Kraken Team was informing me and I assume thousands of other users too that further verification is needed in order to keep depositing or withdrawing fiat money as you can see below.

There is a change coming on Tuesday April 2 that may affect you if you make bank deposits or withdrawals through your Kraken account. Your account is only verified to the “Tier 2” level, which in some countries enables bank funding in small amounts of $2,000 USD or less. In order to streamline our client experience and offer better overall service, we are simplifying the Kraken verification levels. Since your account is only verified to Tier 2, the change on April 2 means that an upgrade will be required to have continued access to bank funding. Upgrading your account is a smooth and easy process requiring documentation such as a government issued ID and proof of residence. After the upgrade you will enjoy much higher funding limits and other benefits such as higher margin trading limits and access to Kraken Futures! You can upgrade your account at any time, just click the “Get Verified” tab in your account to get started (prior to April 2 upgrading to Tier 3 will be sufficient).

What if I don’t upgrade?
If you do nothing then, after April 2, you will no longer be able to make bank deposits or withdrawals through your Kraken account. All of the other services currently available to your account will remain. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw crypto and trade all of our currency pairs (including fiat pairs).
Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange.
The Kraken Team

Of course I submitted the necessary documents and within two days I was verified and therefore my account was upgraded.


You’re now verified for an Kraken Intermediate Account.

An Intermediate Account allows you to deposit or withdraw fiat through your bank and gives you higher funding limits. Before depositing from your bank, always check your funding limits to make sure the deposit doesn't take you over your limits.

Here are the funding limits for an Intermediate Account:

  • Daily/Monthly Digital Assets Deposit Limit: Unlimited
  • Daily/Monthly Fiat Deposit Limit: $100,000/$500,000
  • Daily/Monthly Digital Assets Withdrawal Limit: $500,000/Unlimited
  • Daily/Monthly Fiat Withdrawal Limit: $100,000/$500,000

Here are some important reminders about bank deposits:

  1. The name on the bank account must match the name on your Kraken account (we don't accept 3rd party deposits).
  2. Multiple deposits of the same amounts within a few days of each other may be delayed.
  3. Include your reference code with the deposit, which is your public account ID followed by 'kraken.com'.

If you need higher funding limits, sign in and click the Get Verified tab to apply for a Pro account.

Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange.

The Kraken team

I also had a look at the coins the had recently listed and to be honest with you all, I think Steem would fit in there perfectly. I mean...the have listed QTUM and Lumens...so why not Steem too?

Long story short, I decided to send them a message on Twitter for a possible steem listing.

2019-04-09 22_10_28-Kraken upgrades and my Tweet to them... — Steemit.png

I wasn't even expecting a reply actually, but when I logged in to my Twitter account earlier today I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually did reply.

2019-04-09 21_25_45-.png

Of course I had to hit that New coin listing requests link to see for myself if we have any chance of getting listed there, and of course the requirements. And this is how it looked like...Apparently, when it comes to listing a coin they only deal with coin devs. So @andrarchy, @birdinc what do you think?

2019-04-09 22_21_00-New coin listing requests – Kraken.png

Needless to talk about the benefits of a possible listing to Kraken...right? Right.
It could turn out to be something huge...or waste of time. But I think that when it comes to steem, we should do everything in our hand to spread the word about this great product.
What do you guys think?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Apparently, when it comes to listing a coin they only deal with coin devs. So @andrarchy, what do you think?

Andrarchy is not a coin dev.
@birdinc is the person at Steemit inc in charge of exchange support.

Thanks for pointing this out.

We should definitely push Kraken to list Steem. If you are starting a campaign, please tag me. I'd love to help 💪

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Sure mate!

Good job and thanks for taking the initiative! :)

Now, @andrarchy we would like to hear from you ;)

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Thanks! I wish something good comes out of this.

We need to start a Hashtag #SpreadSteem

you have started the movement :D

Sounds freaking awesome!

Kraken is a pretty good exchange in terms of the information they require for verification, on top of fees.

Seeing Steem on there would be absolutely amazing. Kraken, in my opinion, works a lot better than Coinbase does, and feels truer to the world of crypto.

I use Kraken almost for the past 15 months and they provide really good services...so I agree 100% with you

One thing I love about them is the 0.09 euro withdrawal fee to the bank; turns up next day if it's a weekday. Great service there.

Great effort and initiative! I am sure Steem will start to gain some attention as some Dapps that are already at the top of the Dapps lists will start their own tokens and potentially bring interest again to Steem!

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I wrote them as well but didn't got that kind of semi positive response :D good job mate! Let's get steem on as many exchanges as possible!
I think it lacks a bit on official promo for the steem blockchain but we are on a good way :)
Keep doing the good work!


Ha! Maybe the guy from their communication department was in good mood :P
I guess I was lucky (?) then.

Let's get steem on as many exchanges as possible!

I couldn't agree more

I'm not a user of Kraken but I believe the more place Steem is listed, the more is better.

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Nice! Kraken is pretty legit for sure. Would be dope!

Hell yeah!

Basically a non response like at least 10 i got. A month or so ago i harassed a number of big exchanges about a possible listing. I even payed for a few applications in their native currencies, filled up tedious forms. Nothing came of it...Even the times i managed to reach their executives.
In 100% of the cases they either asked for money or they had 0 clue what STEEM was and asked if we wanted to do an ICO.

You will always get a response like this. Its the ultimate answer meaning: "We dont want to lose you as a customer by saying we arent considering a STEEM listing. Its better you think there is a possibility."
And indeed, they got some free press with this post. :D

So you’re suggesting that we should stop trying?

Im saying dont get your hopes up. Their response doesnt mean much if anything at all.

The way to go about this is with a bag of Bitcoins. Not much else will work.
Maybe if Ned knows someone that knows some that runs an exchange.... Tron for example is getting listed every single day with multiple pairs on a large number of exchanges, many for free, but thats because listing Tron gets you a bit of the tron hype, gets you tweet from Justin Sun.
Steem isnt nearly as important or hyped as any of the top projects so you cant really expect free listings.

We could... If we had a hype machine

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Apparently, when it comes to listing a coin they only deal with coin devs.

So.. they dealt with Satoshi?
Shall they deal with Tom Elvis Jedusor in order to include GRIN?
This "coin dev" barrier excuse is bullshit.
Fuck centralized exchanges. Steem doesn't need to beg for inclusion on any. Make atomic swaps happen.

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