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It's happened again!

Reddit has picked one damn lucky person to be the receiver of free money!

Hey guys, first of all thank you all very much for the kind messages
I'm just a normal guy without any kind of special story, 26 years old and recently started my career overseas after spending some years in, and graduated, university.
I'm usually lurking on reddit reading through my favorite subs to get some time away from my daily routine life.
Pretty much like every other guy on here I guess.
What can I say, I am super greatful for the opportunities this sub gives out every month, and this time I got lucky.
I hope one of you guys win next time and I can give something back to you
Now, what am I going to spend the money on?
I really am not sure. I have never been able to take my girlfriend out on an expensive dinner, or a trip to some nice beach or something, so I might just do that. Apart from that, we always wanted to get a pet, maybe put some money into the pet fund!


What is /r/MillionaireMakers?

MillionaireMakers is a subreddit that is dedicated to the Showerthought (also from Reddit):

If a million of us picked a certain redditor and all donated just $1, we would have the power to make someone a millionaire

Sweet! How do I enter?

Every month there is an entry thread created on the subreddit: /r/MillionaireMakers

The title of the thread will be something along the lines of this: Millionaire Makers - A Night to Remember (Comment to Enter!) [Drawing Thread #34] << Actual Entry Thread

Simply make a comment on that thread and you're in the running!

There are however some important rules:

  • Only ONE top level comment per person (replies and subsequent-level comments aren't included), but feel free to reply to other comments. Making duplicate top level comments may result in exclusion from entering. Go to /u/me to ensure you don't accidentally double comment.

  • If, by any chance, you do double comment, delete any extra duplicates ASAP, ideally before the thread is locked in 24 hours, as any winning draws found to violate this will not be eligible to win, and will be banned from the subreddit.

  • Your Reddit account must be older than 30 days with some amount of activity. Throwaway accounts with very minimal activity will also not be eligible. This is to prevent multiple entries from the same person.

Do I Need to Donate to the Winner?

No-one can make you do anything.

But, we hope that in the spirit of the competition that you do come back and make a very small donation to the winner of the draw.

We are not making assumptions but $1 usually does not break the bank for most people and even if it does, you could take this opportunity to empty you Bitcoin wallet of the 0.00001254 BTC that has been sitting there since the last panic-sell. You could even use the old exchange-rate excuse: "Sent you 1 VEF. Should be in your account soon."

However much you decide to donate, the communities of the internet will be eternally grateful for your contribution to the betterment of humanity (or at least one human).

Oh, that reminds me! Don't forget to head over and donate to the latest winner:

I have been blessed [Winner’s Thread #42]

Why are you posting on Steem?

I'm glad you asked, as part of our efforts to get as many donations to our winner as possible, we will create a blog post, much like this one, for every winner.

All of the payouts from this post will go to the winner. Additionally, any donations sent directly to the @millmakers account will also go to the winner.

Here are some handy links:

1 STEEM || 2 STEEM || 5 STEEM || 10 STEEM

1 SBD || 2 SBD || 5 SBD || 10 SBD

For those wondering about the Steem Power. We will not be Powering Down but simply compensating the winner with the appropriate exchange of STEEM.

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