My Bali Trip Part 1

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Balian pool.jpg

Hello Steemit community, it’s been forever but I’m back!!!

This post is about my amazing trip to Bali

We were flying to Bali from LA, so 16 hour from LA to HK, then 4 more hours from HK to Denpasar. Long flight, definitely exhausted but very excited to finally be there.
Decided to spend a day in Kuta before heading to our first destination Balian Beach. Kuta is a very modern touristy place with a lot going on. So if you are looking for lots of options for food, shopping and nightlife, Kuta is the place for you.

dragon fruit.jpg

Balian Beach

We got a driver from Kuta to take us to Balian Beach, it was a 2 hour drive. This place is considered a village, a fancy village. Residents have beautiful villas right on the beach, and some even have their own little farms. Barely any tourists here, so that was a nice touch.

vsco-photo-1 (2).jpg

Our villa was AMAZING , such a beautiful place with a gorgeous view. Each morning we’ve had butlers to come over with fresh breakfast that was made from the owners farm.

vsco-photo-1 (1).jpg

In the evening I’ve had a massage right on the pool for only $15! Emm yes please!


Day 2

The next day we went for a short excursion to really big rice fields, as well a sacred park with a waterfall.

Here are some fragments of our few days in Balian Beach

I said “So pretty about 3 times” lol sorry

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Looks good what i see.! But Bali looks also good.


haha good call!




I agree with you @dowha


waw,,,,,,,, good tours,

Amazing......!!! DANCE SAMAN ACEH Winner 1 in POLANDIA


lol thank you :)

Beautiful scenery, a nice pool, dream vacation. I bet you had the time of your life


Yes it was lovely

Great pictures, Bali is an amazing place. We were there a few years ago but planning to go back again this year. There's a lot to explore on the island, I'll keep in mind the beach you've mentioned as I want to go there for sure!
Following you for more :)


It was amazing. I will make more posts about Bali so stay tuned :)

Looks great being there :)


yeah it's one of my favorite places

a great post by lifting the beauty of bali province, which is the attraction for the foreign friends to enjoy the beauty of bali city, but in indonesian there are still many extraordinary places like in aceh. how do you visit occasionally to aceh @milanademort


I've never heard of Aceh but I will surely go back to Bali next winter and visit more places

Looks breath taking :)


Yes, it was beautiful :)

I, too, have that longing wistful look while eating a sandwich. Kek


haha it was really tasty

hoop you had a great time

Did you miss out on Ubud!!! It is heavenly. And on the way to Ubud is a place which serves the best coffee in the world made from, believe it or not, Mongoose poop..


of course I haven't Ubud was amazing but I will post Ubud next, this is only part 1 hehe


Oh Alright!!


haha i has the same question. Ubud is just too pretty. A walk in those paddy fields to a scooter ride next to those coffee plantations all worth. ANd obviously Lewak coffee is not to be missed


Yup. this post rekindled too many fond memories


Yeah Ubud was actually my favorite place from this whole trip


Wasn't that on , Bucket List = The mongoose coffee poop thing...? My best friend lives there, I could get some for anyone one who wanted it... bottoms-up!


I've tried it yes, quiet bitter for my taste


Indo Fruit.jpg

Have you had the pleasure of trying this delicacy?

this is sooooo cute!!!!!

Yes, Bali is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Bali is beautiful and with its currency so low it becomes one of the best places to plan escape to.
Hope you explored Ubud and Surabaya during your stay


Loved Ubud but didnt go to Surabaya. Next time :)

bali is exactly the right one i really like bali and the people are also very friendly friendly


Yes people are very friendly, and it's just gorgeous over there

Nice trip.. Bali certainly is beautiful but you are more


aww thank you :)

enjoyed your post and i follow u now - rock on


thank you so much)


I followed you as well

wow, so pretty!

You are so pretty :3

"We were flying to Bali from LA, so 16 hour from LA to HK, then 4 more hours from HK to Denpasar." yes long flight but worth it for the healthy food, massage and the views and relaxation. keep on steeming


Yes, definitely worth it :)

I read your post and the mood is better, up)


hehe I need to post more then


exactly, do it, follow you)

I appreciate your work, keep it up


thank you, I will :)

Bali is gorgeous , and so are you .. awesome page !


thank you, that's really sweet

i just wann say this is amazing loved it you have got followers


thank you so much

Nice. Can't wait i will be there with my camera.


it's very scenic, perfect for great content

I think one day I might be there......Guess you had a lot of fun.


yes it was amazing

Welcome back ! It looks awesome there, i hope you had a great time :))


Thank you. Yes, I did :)


Nice post, that place Is a Paradise for an angel as YOU xD

gorgeous. thanks!

Balian Beach woo incredible have fun and good time thanks for sharing with us. See you ;) to back to me...

well come back too you in steem....


I missed Bali tour this year... but next year I will not regret missing it...


I highly recommend

bali beautyful

looks like a great p[lace to go! upvoted and following!

Bali seems so much fun, It's definitively on my list, can't wait to visit.


It's great for sure, and different towns have different vibes

Thanks you so much for visiting my country


Ah your country is beautiful


What a beautiful place thanks for sharing.


of course :)

Ops. I guess I know my next destination. 😍😍


its amazing


Yeah I can see it!

the massage is what i need haha :D enjoy it

This is so amazing

Great post! I hope you had fun. It certainly looks like you did.

Honestly tho, I think she much more beautiful than the place.


Ah silly, Bali is gorgeous but thank you)

you are so attractive and the way nice are invited to my country Bangladesh....i hope you like to visit my beautiful country...thanks for sharing ...


such a beautiful place.i bet u had a gd tym

that azz tho


nice vacation spot which I was there "so petty" indeed.

You look like Eva Green from Casino Royale. No joke.

Could you include another post on what travel agency you used for airfare and lodging? Thanks!


I actually booked everything myself, I guess I should make it more clear in my next post. So basically airbnb and tickets online

Bali beautiful place to watch . Welcome back
Upvote and followed

great account. i will be there myself in a month... thanks for whetting my appetite!

you are very beauty

a very beautiful place @milinademort , I once went there some time ago. and always memorable.😊

First thing I want to tell you you are absolutely beautiful woman thanks for looking wonderful and thanks for sharing the pictures of the place

Gorgeous place and you also 😊.
Keep steeming!


aww thank you so much

You have a good shape. Thumps up!!

Wow you are so beautifull and the place too the photo you uploaded is super nice 😊😊😊


thank you ))

Great post

Damn they charged to massage you? I wouldve paid you $15.. 😂😂


Lol im a broke boy

omg she its so beautyful!!! :-)

Paradise trip!

Very nice photos of you and the beautiful place.

Bali is a place we are longing to go to!
Definitely a long flight from L.A., but I'm sure it was worth it! There is so much more in South East Asia, but Bali is THE highlight or one of the highlights of this region.


Yes, you should definitely go, worth it

great share! u look so pretty my dear <3 i hope one day i can go Bali to enjoy too~

A good rest. A beautiful view.




Beautiful country!

Some very stylish and sexy pictures you’ve posted. Very nice! 👍

Dope it’s on my bucket list now

This is my first reply to a blog post and I am loving steemit already!!

Bali, is a place of beauty ! Not far away is monkey island and Komoto Island. The monkeys will steal your stuff and chase your off the island. The Komoto's will eat you if they can..... so stay in, Bali!! there are only flying snakes to deal with there ;)

nice scenery, I love the vidio you post, amazing. very nice and wonderful enjoying a great day for @milanademort, suskses always for you besides you have beauty but also have extraordinary inspiration.

What a very lovely place and face!!

Awesome! I'm here at the moment and will be writing about it too. Love this place!

Only $15 for a massage at a place like that?! Sounds and looks unbelievable...

PS post more often :)