Why Bitcoin Maximalists are wrong and no visionaries...

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Many Bitcoin Maximalists (BM's) we heard in the past might think these days how right they are and how other cryptos are really scams and not worth the paper they are not printed on.

All the alts are diving and bitcoin is almost thriving (in comparison).

BM's see only the ledger function for accounting entries as worthwhile for a crypto and all the other ledgers, independently of what they "save" in their ledger as cheap copies with a few worthless gadgets on top of it.

They ignore the fact that alts are eating into the bitcoin dominance year after year.... Bitcoins use case is almost only money... but money should be good for transacting in it... is bitcoin better than banks? is it good at transacting? Bitcoin in many cases is slower than a bank wire... sometimes even slower than an international bank wire to a third world country. And it is not cheap, but at least cheaper than a bank wire (this could change to the better or to the worse...).

So bitcoin has only one use case and is not good at it... it is loosing dominance... and the new use case ideas arising from these new decentralized hyper-ledger-applications are really impressive.... from Steem to EOS, from PeerPlays to Ethereum...

There are two types of BM's.

  1. Big names who give fantastic speeches
  2. and everyone else...

In the first case I think these people know it better, and willingly ignore problems in bitcoin in order to be hired for consulting work on the chain they really know and which is as well quite easier to understand than Steem or other new projects.

In the second case I think it is people who are lazy and do not want to study a day or two for every new project which comes out and just apploud the first group.... as this is easier than thinking for yourself...

I think in a few years bitcoin will hold a small part of the total crypto cake and BM's will regret their decision to not be open minded and study at least a few new projects which have risen to the top 20.

DIsclaimer: this is no investment advice... only my opinion.


Hahahaha, crazy photo :)

I do not know the guy... but somehow I think it transmits my vision of the nature of a BM... The believing BMs are like this.. the money makers are the smart guys in my opinion, who talk about bitcoin, because they earnt to get hired and the vc money will go to a big part to btc..

Hi @mexibit i really agree with you the dominance of Bitcoin is now counted their is other project like Steem, Antshare, verge and other in which i believe but for the one who get into bitcoin at the really beginning they just feel this will never happen again and they are wrong. ^ and follow you

The bitcoin miracle happened like 50 times this year... it seems like the only advantage bitcoin has is age and brand now... ;)

Interesting post and you are looking too lazy. hahaha

Hahaha! You are right! :)

Bitcoin is like father of crypto and its time to retire

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Thats the result of being Rich . Nice post @mexbit :)


That man and the post is perfect fit !! enjoyed reading though