Consistency is better than Volume aka Learning how to Batch

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I enjoy people reading what I write.

I enjoy having an online journal, but a pair of eyes on my work and a comment here and there are “better” for me.

I have learned that to keep your readers, consistency is better than volume.

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I can write four posts in a day and then be quiet the rest of the week. Or, I can write four posts in a day and then publish them one at a time.

More important than niche, more important than writing a lot of stuff, more important than being “relevant” and including picture, is being heard from consistently.

Your writing voice is important, but no one will be around to read it if you take long breaks.

I have noticed that when I take a break from writing, and “come back” it takes a few posts before I start having traction again. People who know me from before take a while to see me again.

This is annoying because posts only live for a few days on the blockchain, and after that they go into oblivion. Hopefully SMT’s will changed that, but those are still not here.

(Thank you @aggroed for STEEM ENGINE! I sure am glad we aren’t still waiting for tribes!)

This often means that I take a steem break, and then “come back” and write awesome posts filled with great ideas that get crickets. No one is reading, because they forgot all about me.

That is why I suggest to writers, new and old, to be consistent.

When you feel like writing a lot, batch a bunch of posts up, and then publish them one at a time.

3 active posts per week will get you more readers than 10 posts in a row and then silence for a week.

But what if I have “timely” posts? Publish it first. It’s your blog, you publish what you want, when you want.

Stay consistent! Your content will naturally improve too. It is easier to edit and catch grammar mistakes when you let a piece sit for sometime than when you write, edit and proofread all in one go.

And please don’t spam the blockchain just to stay “active and relevant,” it’s a sure fire way to get unfollowed.

PS I have a few blog ideas. I have this grand idea to start a blog, grow it, and then sell it. Instead of forcing myself to write three times a week, I am batching up a bunch of posts to publish 3-4 times a week. I have quite a few for a few blogs and will soon be rolling out with lots of original content, in niche blogs, that have digital goods attached to be sold through steemleo.

The Steem Blockchain is a great place to be. Even if we have that whole “tron” drama going on, which may not even be drama but something greater.


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