Poloniex restored STEEM / SBD transferts but deposits are still not processed.

in steem •  last year

Having a look at my account I noticed that Poloniex has restored STEEM / SBD transfers, the deposit I've made a few days ago and a small test deposit I made a few hours ago are still not credited on my balance but I am sure they will process it sooner or later, anyway it's great news for people who had money to withdraw. As mentioned in another post that money could be critical for some users, especially in low-income countries.


However, the lack of communication is really bad, being busy upscaling and solving problems is not an excuse for letting people without information about their wallets and incoming transfers.

Meanwhile, the steem has lost 20% in a few days and ppl who can't wait to withdraw their fund will lose money and Poloniex will not compensate that for sure.


Before this issue I was totally confident in Poloniex and using it several times per week, now their silence on the issue makes me do my own research and I learned that many people are experiencing month long delays for tier verification just in order to withdraw their investments.

I am gonna see Poloniex in a different way now, I will still use it for small transfers cause their fees are low but I will be cautious with larger amounts and never let money on this exchange.

A simple announcement on Twitter could have made a big difference. I've even personally emailed the CEO a few days ago on this matter. This is a disaster in term of communication leading to a massive loss of confidence.

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on the complete opposite of the spectrum, coinbase is refunding millions to users who recently lost money in the ETH selloff. definitely a publicity stunt but nice to see as well. i hope they add STEEM and SBD at some point soon. From what I've heard about Poloniex I will absolutely never use them!

I noticed that too.

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Couldn't agree more, the silence lost them another customer. You just don't do that.

And now they're stealing our deposits as well!