SynPat it a new system of patent and copyright

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Decentralized systems involve several solutions to a single issue (problem). We, crypto-community, have different solutions for contracts, bet, copyright, patents and so on. Synpat is one of them.

What is it?

Synpat is a service, that connects Steem and Ethereum for saving data: for example, concept or promise. Synpat is an open source: and (it micro-service). Synpat is part of Synergis.System.

Why Steem and Ethereum are simultaneous?

Because Steem can be used for content, but Ethereum is used for hash of the content: this approach creates triple protection. The first is Steem-blockchain and API. The second is Ethereum smart-contracts. The third is connection of Steem and Ethereum.

How does it work?

"Synergis API has two main endpoints : posts and orders. Posts provides Synpat service functionality. Orders provide some functions for process 4K Synbot ( service data". Synergisbot works based on 4T methods (team, theme, token, tech.).

A fool description you can read in link -

Who is this useful?

This is useful for inventors, debaters, analysts, startups men, writers... and everyone who wants to develop a new, more equitable, content distribution and innovation system

How to use?

Write me and I send invite for testers. Send donats :), because Synergsi.System is open, free and decentralized system. Finally, you can read manual and send me comments.

Tank you and do not say goodbye...

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