The Dankest Steem Memes You Have Ever Seen! V1

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So I have been making one super dank steem meme per day. Here is this weeks collection. I plan to continue doing this. Shoutout to @themarkymark and @theycallmedan for their meme contests that got me started back into making memes more avidly. Also, newsteem has me more excited for doing this.

If you do not know about Memehub; Our project is a platform that rewards non-chalant meme sharing in an environment that memers are accustomed to on other platforms such as reddit, memedroid, etc. We are working vigorously to go live on steem as soon as possible. The devs being new to steem has produced many unexpected hurdles but we are working vigorously to go live on steem as soon as possible!

If you havent already, follow us on steem to see more dank memes and resteem to spread the dankness! Also, follow us on twitter, our twitter handle is @memesonsteem, to spread the steem dankness in the normie internet sphere.

In honor of newsteem, I do not want to use bid bots to promote and hope that the steem community will join in on supporting Memehub. Remember, any and all rewards that Memehub recieves for anything will always only go back to producing more rewards for steemians on the Memehub platform.

We are implementing a way for Memehub users to apply for an 'OC TAG'. So if the meme is OC and dank, approval for OC Tag will be an endorsement by Memehub, published directly on the blockchain via steemconnect, then upvoted and resteem by Memehub on steem.
MEMEHUB DOES NOT TAKE ANY PERCENTAGE OF USER'S REWARDS LIKE OTHER PLATFORMS! Our platform will be Ad based and we will be accepting steem/sbd from other steem projects to display Ads on Memehub, more on our ad system later. We are also considering burning a percentage of the Ad revenue that is in steem/sbd. Our project is not focused on profiting off the back of steemians, but solely to benefit the steem ecosystem.

I have to say I am really liking the new steem enviroment. There might be some kinks to work out but in the over all sense, HF21 seems to have helped.

New steem, old problems

Love the more frequent updates. No great memes ideas at the moment tho, at least I enjoyed the memes you created.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

hahahaha 😂

These are really mind blowing memes....You have done a great job.

Nice memes! 😄

Thats fun.

Hahaha ! I love them 😍 ! Make more please.
I had a great laugh and you are getting a good upvote 👌

Thanks! Im releasing a fresh batch weekly!

You got upvoted from @steemitsupporter courtesy of @thecontractor

Old STEEM is getting older. By the way some of these memes are reposts from before, why?

I think like a couple of them I entered into theycallmedan's meme contest, other than that, they arent reposts

You keep the updates frequent. That's awesome. I like getting the memes. Love it.

Fantastic memes.

new steem all the way. out with the old and in with the new

This is truly making me cringe...

@acidyo Check out my memes for a good laugh bro ;)

Hi @memehub I came across a bug I thought I should let you know
minus score.jpg

So basically it is giving us -2 Lulz creating and posting a meme
Thought I should let you know

Thats not a bug but a feature to prevent spamming. We plan to implement a user moderation system that occurs prior to the meme publishing on the site once we have enough users. The LULz you get from people voting on your meme will be more than -2 if it is dank enough for people to upvote it. Hope this explanation makes sense.

Los memes son muy entretenidos y divertidos.

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The first one is,,,,,,,,

Felicitaciones por su buen trabajo,espero contar con su voto visitando mi post y asi me ayudaria a paliar un poco esta crisis que vivimos en venezuela,es crisis de hambre,gracias y agradezco su ayuda

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