Both parties had a polite conversation today. That´s progress indeed, but . . . .

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Did any of our negotiators ever make a clear and concrete offer ?
Did any of our representative witnesses ever think about a peaceful solution ?

Is there any attempt at all to find any kind of peaceful solution all participants can live with ?
Wouldn´t it be a good occasion to make an offer to Justin and clean up the ninja mine problem once and for all ?

Negotiation ++//template++

Hello Tron-Team 
here is our offer. 

33% send to SPS for growth 
as promised to investors by DAN and NED.

33% released immediately without any condition - this make you one of the biggest whales on steem with adequad influence for seeking better decentralisation and long term sucess with Atomic swap, D-live and BTT ecosphere expansion.

33% release with conditions: 
no witness voting - 
you agree to not remove/sell more than 6% per month

the grouping & numbers are irrelevant in this example of starting a constructive negotiation process with the goal to solve the ninja mine problem once and for all.


First we need to know what conditions are acceptable for us, then add some things we can let go during negotiation process. negotiation bandwith

We could even start with a highly unrealistic offer, like burning 75% release 25% without condition. At least it would start a concrete negotiation process. But we behaved like a punch of angry idiots unable to formulate any kind constructive vision/solution so far. Tron man bad, tron man bad, tron man bad, Tron man bad, ecetera...

the latest polite discussion on SCTserver was better organized than the previous ones (keep the puke trolls away) but also disgusting, even laughable in my eyes. Steem representants started most of their statements with "my personal opinion", even if moderators reminded them, that representants should leave their personal opinion aside and "REPRESENT" the Steem community. One dropping diffuse unrelated textwalls, the other starting with "my personal opinion" . . . . from a neutral professional business point of view we are negotiating like uneducated amateurs, on a laughable kindergarten niveau. Are these just fake negotiations, from the mysterious secret slack crew, who made the decision allready to fork with maximal damage to Justin Sun&co, without any constructive offer at all ?

To all forky witnesses and secret slackers:

did you ever try to offer a solution to Justin, that fits your very interests ?

You don´t have to like somebody to offer a solution you like.

If not, try it, at least try to imagine a "best case scenario" with Justin Sun as stakeholder (not tokenswapper)

there is a big chance in this crisis and takeover attempt. We have now the chance to improove Dpos, to make a change, to make it better and close the attack vector by finetuning a few parameters:
maybe reduce number of witnessvotes / account
maybe extent number of active wittnesses from 21 to 42
maybe consider both

insert your ideas here

several witnesses are very close to really lose my trust, due to their childish and unprofessional conduct in this very important moment, even if the votes are still on defendhostiletakeover doesnt mean I agree with this approach of business in any way. Justin never had my trust, but some of you guys are on the best way to lose my trust as well.

Maybe show some willingness for a solution, without any need for sympathy or trust towards Justin Sun or any other big whale coming into Steem in the future.


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here is a big chance in this crisis and takeover attempt. We have now the chance to improove Dpos, to make a change, to make it better and close the attack vector

Exactly. Lets have that conversation

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Doesn't Justin control the top 20 again?

I don't really care what he does with steem, as long as it still does what I want it to do for me, (facilitate information sharing with people from different points of view) otherwise I'll try something else.