Steem is going up despite the war

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Despite the war going on steem is doing pretty fine and everything in terms of price is going up pretty fast. I saw steem 27% up. You can see that bitcoin dropped to $7900.on days like this steem goes down deeply but am surprise how steem is taking the opposite direction. What is happening?

Is the fight good for steem?

One thing that is positive about the fight is that, it has made more persons to know about steem, it is like a publicity stunt but no that's not it. Another wrong is that many persons are powering down to leave the platform.

What do you think is happening to steem?

In my own opinion steem will rise. Steem to the moon.
Kindly drop your opinion.
Do you think the fight is good for the community?


Maybe STEEM is going up because of the war taking place.

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Steemit remains a solid platform. The price of Steem has tanked over the past 2 years in line with ALL other cryptos. So, we do not have to worry about Steem itself.

As the long crypto-winter comes to an end, I expect the price will rise. Onwards, and Full Steem Ahead.

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