I have received $1974 from a friend

in #steem4 years ago

From 5th May 2018 to Match 5th 2020. For two years now a good Samaritan has made my life a lot easier and am thankful. How did I meet him? Steem community sometimes talk to you when they see you struggling and mostly you have to ask for help. I got into an argument with someone on discord in one of the groups that was auto voting me because I didn't have up to 1000sp, so I started going asking why I was removed of the voting trail and someone made fun of me and so many didn't care. Two persons then sent me a private message saying I shouldn't talk to those guys I should just do my thing and people will support me. That was how I made two friends.

How good were they?

They were very good. One delegated some SP to me which was upto the number of amount needed to receive auto votes on on the trail. And the other remained a good friend and that resulted into the amount $1974 worth both of XRP and ETH. He also sent a mobile phone to me Google pixel xl all the way from New York Brooklyn to Nigeria. Thank you my dear friend, I will never forget you.

Re you still friends with them?

The other one who delegated to me after some time took away the delegation. I must say thank you for such a wonderful gesture, he made me go this far. The other one even this evening we chatted on discord. We are like family now, staying without him is sometimes hard. He supports and encourages me in whatever am doing. He is my everything. We are family.❤️

what do you have to say to them

Appreciation they say is an indirect way of asking for more. If I don't appreciate you then am the most ungrateful human on earth. Thank you Thank you and thank you. God bless you richly I love you❤️❤️❤️


Not everyone is opportuned in life as you. Learn to help those who don't have. Do you know what a $100 can do for someone in Africa or one of these hunger strike countries? Learn to give and always give with all your heart.


I wish to remain here on steem and I wish to ask for support from this wonderful community. You can auto vote me to any percent of your choice once daily and rest assured that your vote won't be put to waste and please if you find errors please ignore them thank you in anticipation.


According to the Bible, God is everywhere: Fact or Fiction.

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