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Hardfork 19 has turned my rewards from fractional pennies to real coins. Instead of cashing out I am focusing on building steem. Hardfork 19 has added value for small fish people under 1000 steem. The word is getting out, I think as soon as people understand what steem is and how curation works we will see an influx of new users buying-in and increasing the steem price.

Just my thoughts while riding the steem train.

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Agreed. Curation's always been important and one of the best ways to continue building Steem residually while engaging with people in the community, but now it has become much more profitable to do so. This will, if I suspect correctly, encourage more of it, which is good for everybody. This platform was meant to be a community. :D


Thanks for the comment.

Steem to the moon !!!! ;)

· will.

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