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Hello steemians, I know I wasn't so active lately, but I have no other excuse for this than a hard week at work which involved shifting to new projects and getting familiar with different technologies, which left me with few time to invest in the the platform, time that I've chosed to spend reading posts and leaving comments where I found them relevant. I hope you will like this post and it will compensate the lack of others this week. Let's talk about STEEM, this is why you're here!

STEEM as it is designed right now, is meant to be a proof-of-brain currency. Backing a social platform, it can be earned by creating valuable content which requires creativity, some original opinions, a great ability of communication and some powerful analyze skills. Whether you are creating art (consisting and not only photography, music, poetry etc.), you are sharing and making good jokes, you are doing analysis of currencies (this is a pretty popular one, but by the time I guess it won't be so popular anymore as coins will get a more stabilized value) or sharing the news, you are putting at least some effort in creating this good and valuable content. These are just some fields that I have mentioned, but as you can see, STEEM contains much more than this, and it is presented to us by great interfaces like Steemit or Busy which helps us categorize content in so many other topics. Now, whatever you have chosen to focus on, and you are producing content inside of the platform, you are making good proofs of brain showing everybody what makes you special.

There is a great difference by now between STEEM and other social platforms, and I am sure that all of you know it: the payments!

When I first heard about STEEM and Steemit, I was so skeptical that I thought it may be a scam, or that it is impossible to be payed just for writing articles and not only, you could have gained money even for commenting! I considered it so impossible that I firstly refused even to join the platform, it sound too good to be true, but after a while I gave it a chance. What I can say, and definitely many people can relate, is that there was not that easy to get so wanted upvotes which lead to these popular payments. One had to create pretty good content, or to have a huge (for me at least) number of followers in order to create the necessary exposure to receive upvotes which would lead the post to the Hot zone, making it snowball in readers and payments. I am sure that at that time I had none of them, but a strong will to make good posts, become popular and start seeing things moving around me using the influence of my votes. Right now I am not very sure that this is still possible, but yet I remember that I saw the profile of @lukestokes in one of the hot or trending posts, who was one of the first people I followed, and voted for as witness, here on Steemit, and the guy who was a model for me all this time (even though I will never be half as good as he is).

Not to be nostalgic anymore, and as a conclusion so far, you can see that STEEM for many represents a source of income, or additional income most of the cases, beyond the main purpose of being a social platform. And this has a big effect on the benefits over a classical social platform as facebook or reddit: it encourages good content!

People who want to earn something, as popularity, followers, seeing their posts on trending or just earn some money, will need to make at least some valuable content which is a lot different than other social platforms. Here on Steemit I was able to find the best news I wanted to know cryptocurrencies which I found so interesting, considering them a fundamental part of the future in which we will live soon, and not only about cryptocurrencies. I have found a lot of good and original information about many topics, as I am sure that most of you guys did. Everybody could come here on Steemit (or any other interface of STEEM) and enjoy the valuable information that propagates across this blockchain as a wave in a sea. There is not even needed to make an account to read the news, to get amused by the funny section or to see the amazing photos on the #photography tag and much more. But I am sure that most of the people reading will want to make an account, because there are cases when one just wants to leave a comment to congratulate a post or ask for more information in any topic, even to socialize with others.

As I want to summarize by now, STEEM is not only about consumers, it is about producers too, and this is why it was meant to be a proof-of-brain rewarding system.

In one of my first articles when I was still learning how to use Steemit (excuse my lack of experience, I know that I was never good at writing, but then I was even worse:)) I have mentioned the talk of the Daimler CEO who made a lot of predictions which reveals that there is a most likely bright future waiting for us. I know that back then I encouraged everybody to read them, now I still do, because I found it very valuable. In this article there is mentioned that the industry has changed a lot in the last decades and it is still going to change in decades for now. This is happening as robots are mainly doing the jobs that people used to do with their own hands, manufacturing goods and investing a lot of labour for the sole purpose of providing food and shelter for their families. This is not the case anymore, and still a lot of work remains to be robotized for the future.

When I say that robots are involved in industry, some will think that I am crazy, because they will maybe naturally imagine robots as humanoid ones:

_92935560_robot976.jpg Source

But what I mean is all kinds of robots as in the automated factories where used to work thousands of people and now one can barely find a few hundreds, as these in the cars industry:

CLB53-Kuka-robots-in-automotive-factory.jpg Source

Which is completely different than the old factory photos, and particularly different by the factory you have seen above.


You can easily conclude that most of the jobs right now are very likely to disappear in time and nobody will take care of finding new jobs to people lost their job, not to mention that the population of our planet is increasing so we will need the opposite, to *create new jobs.

As in the article I've linked to is mentioned:

At work, large swaths of jobs as we know them today will disappear. There will be new jobs, but it is not clear what they’ll be. What is clear is that there will not be enough new jobs to replace lost jobs, by a sizable margin. We are likely to see a large proportion of the working population unable to find employment.

It becomes clear that we, as a population will have to fight unemployment, because not having a place to work, and neither enough money to find pleasurable things to do will lead to depression in most cases.

Human beings need to be gainfully employed and challenged to feel fulfilled.

This is a place where STEEM can and I am sure will help. Being based on a proof-of-brain system, people will easy differentiate by robots, and it will give us an activity for which many will be payed. For sure the platform will not be able to make everybody rich (or who knows?) but it will build an awesome community of good and constructive people, will encourage them in interacting each other, and will make them feel fulfilled as they won't feel like they are wasting their time (as I mostly felt when I was staying hours on facebook).

I want to say thank you STEEM, for providing us this environment of interaction and socializing, making us also feel be productive, and for giving us the opportunity to create a better community than ever before!


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I wish you an amazing day, goodbye!

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