Steem is rising again

in #steem3 years ago

I am so glad to see it doing so well that I came here to share my thoughts with you.

Even though I have a small amount of Steem and it does not make a big difference for me this price growth, it is a project in which I used to invest time and energy and I like to see it growing. I kept telling myself these days that I will come back and start investing in it, not only money, but development power, since it is the only thing I am good at.

I started to lose interest into crypto because I got discouraged by all the FUD and the prices going down lately and I thought that maybe it would never be mass adopted, but now seeing that the market still survives, I think I should give it another chance sometime soon. I guess we will see what the time brings us.

See you later old friends, and don't be shy leaving some comments to keep me up to date with the things that you consider important.


You need faith, a lot of it! Hope Steem keeps it up, although after all the misery it seems too good to be true... Fuck knows!
Otherwise, nothing much going on, we're all busy playing Drugwars...

I see you got into more farming? You need a list of names?

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No need for names, not enough power for that league... yet😃

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You don't need to fight...I never did...just inactive account and you take the loot...

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Oh, that... I take whatever I can. The army is for defense, for now.

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Wow, I can see that you are enjoying this game :)) Well, let's just hope for the best!

I'm still here...have no idea what for..😎
Now I hardly read stuff..
I had to quit FB to kill my addiction to I got Drugwars..

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Well, we have to keep our minds busy with something, this is why I completely understand you with the games :)

Same. I still open Steemit up, but never really read anything. I don't play anything either. I think I just wish for something to update here or see something new and addictive.

It seems that you are waiting for a miracle, Kassi :)) What kind of update would you like, if you had an example?

Oh wow that's very honest! Although personally I never get discouraged by prices or FUD, life has gotten into the way so I can't focus on blockchain activities as much as I did in the past.

But dont fomo in now.
It will drop again.

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