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RE: [Interview] All Steem Hard Fork Related Issues Revealed.

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Like your question and answer. I love the HF 23.0. It was late but better late then never.
Keep it up. They (Hive) want to destroy the steem. You have save it at some extend. They are thinking that they can only do this type of things, they want to rule the steem and Hive. But you have done great job.

Thanks for information and HF.


Hive doesn't need to destroy Steem. Steem is destroying itself by showing that funds can be seized. If the Steem witnesses can seize the funds of the Hive witnesses they can seize everyone else's funds as well. If I had 40000 Steem I would be very worried.

Criminals has to worried about the police action.
General public needs not to worries. If they worries, they have to think over it.
The HF 23.0 is very good and appreciable action by current steem witnesses.

LOL. You really think that?

Police states happen. Miscarriages of justice happen. Corruption happens. The general public should always be vigilante against those who governs them.

I did think think over it and have started to power down.

It is upto you.

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