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RE: STEEM 2020; What I am going to do!

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The big problem which Partiko partly delivered is the historic emphasis on desktop. I have always said and always believed that for steemit to get any traction at all it needs a slick and polished app for mobile. People love to tell me how this isn't a priority but frankly that is idiotic. Desktop is dead. Only old people use it. (Or people at work ;0))

I am quite sure a good app could obfuscate or simplify in a front ends manner the keys situation


While partiko is shit I am that dinosaur loving desktop at work especially for playing splinterlands 😁 - however mobile app us key for masses once dinosaurs leave the planet

I works love it if I could play splinterlands at work!!! Then I would think desktops are cool :0)

I personally will never ever use mobile apps apart from between meetings and if nothing else can be used. But I am old! Let us see how user friendly these new apps will come especially on the gaming front and how / what they are able to integrate.

I must admit, I am app daft. If it aint got an app I think it's shit. I was absolutely horrified by steemit when I first started three years ago that it had no apps and now real web formatting for mobile... Lol!

I am the contrary - when a working platform invests tons of money in app dev i usually was the one to claim: Who the Hell needs a shitty app lol?

Hehe, well, I do wait until I see the app before I like it!

Problem on Apps on a mobile phone always the same issue - fucking too small for my eyes and thick fingers lol - and the issue i can not switch fast enough between apps on the device - gosh I am old!

Get a big screen phone!!! There you go! Big massive screened job and you are laughing! :OD

eSteem have an app but I still can't get the bugger to work. Keeps complaining about bad password or something when I'm pasting the posting key in. Shame as it looks really good.

If @good-karma is at SF4 I'll bring it up much like last year when I did the same.

So for now Partiko is 'the app' to use but we have a developer who has gone AWOL. More dApp's are needed and easy to use ones.

You are going to have a busy steemfest!

Man, I can't wait... Last year I was overwhelmed but how much has changed in a year!

Get yourself a ticket and we can wash down some fried grasshoppers with that weird beer of yours!

Lol, if it was an option I would!!

Throw your suitcase out of the upstairs window..., sneak out of the back door wearing this... it always works ;)

Lol, I might be mistaken for the singer of Judas Priest. Hehe

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